Numaish Winter Show: A Chat with Fashion Designer Rajat Tangri

Great news fashionistas, the Numaish Winter Show is set to take place on Saturday 10th December. If you are a big a fan of Indo-Western silhouettes like me, you really have to visit Rajat Tangri’s stall at Numaish! With a special penchant for the quirky and effortlessly blending East with West, his styles are for women of confidence and panache. I had the pleasure of chatting with him right before the show. Read on to see what he has in store for us…


What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

I always had a flare for art which led to the love for colour, and eventually fashion.

Tell us more about the latest collection that you are showcasing at Numaish.

 It is a beautiful collection in nudes, oxblood, teals and black mostly. also have a some key pieces in fresh pastels catering to both the festive and wedding shoppers, as well as someone who is looking for a fabulous outfit for New Years Eve.


What are the key inspirations behind this collection?

 I was influenced by the baroque period and the dark Gothic vibe.



How does Indian fashion stand out from the rest of the world?

 India is rich in culture and heritage… we have so many beautiful hand woven fabics and hand embroidery which are technically luxury, so incorporating these in the collections of Indian designers definitely makes them stand out from the rest of the world.


Where do you see Indian fashion in the next five years?

Indian designers are getting recognized globally now by stocking all around the globe being a part of international trade shows. Also, Indian designers are not just confined to designing Indian wear. They are following international trends which put them at par with the international scene.


In your opinion, how does the fashion scene of the UAE differ from the rest of the world?

 UAE again is a culturally rich place… so the fashion there is definitely influenced by that to create its own uniqueness in trends.



Please list 5 key wardrobe essentials for an Indian wardrobe.

 For a woman:

  1. a white shirt,
  2. a pair of distress denims,
  3. a tailored jacket,
  4. and comfy shoes for the day and glamorous ones for the night,
  5. and of course the right handbags.


What are 5 of your can’t live without fashion items from your own wardrobe?

  1.  My black pair of denims,
  2. a black fitted shirt,
  3. and pair of blue distress denims,
  4. a formal tailored jacket
  5. my fabulous shoes.


Please list fashion essentials for Winter 2016.

  1.  denims,
  2. high length boots ,
  3. high top sneakers for footwear,
  4. a pashmina scarf or shawl,
  5. a light weight cardigan,
  6. a well structured trench
  7. and a basic tee or a high neck polo.


What kinds of fabrics/weaves can we expect to see more of this season?

In India currently there is a major influence of reviving the hand woven fabrics… and you see that trend globally too.


What is the color trend to look out for this season?

 Teal green or blue, ochre gold and chatruse  are highlights this season.

Given UAE does not have a very cold winter, what would you suggest for a stylish winter look?

 I suggest layer your look with a non lined light weight cape or a tench or a jacket, smart well fitted denims or a skirt floor length with a lacy blouse and a the perfect shoes and a handbag to match it.

What are the key trends to look out for in the coming months?

Lots of emphasis on looking pretty with delicate laces and fabrics , lots of layering sheers over solids, also reviving the classics in terms of shapes and silhouettes.