How to Wear Black Lipstick Beyond Halloween

The Velvet Touch Lipstick range by Gosh Cosmetics is pretty phenomenal. Love their 014 Matte Cranberry, and I recently got sent a limited edition jet-black lipstick from the same line. The perfect shade with Halloween coming up ofcourse!

However, I have been toying with the idea of incorporating black lipstick into my regular lippy stash for a while now. So how do you wear this vampy shade without looking like an absolute vampire? Read on for a few tips and tricks that will see you go black pouted far more often than you would have thought doable.


Soften it Up: Black lipstick has always been linked to the grunge Goth look. If that is not the direction you are heading for, soften it up by blurring sharp edges. By sharp edges, I am referring to very blunt hair cuts and stiff geometrical attire. Opt for a billowing mane, wear softer, more feminine fabrics that flow with your stride.

Add Color: Going Goth is all about black… all over. Adding color will give your overall look a 360 degree turn. Pair black pouts with a colourful outfit, add warmth to your makeup with an earthy blush.

Let Your Lips Rule: We’ve all heard this rule time and time again… choose which feature you want to highlight; either your eyes or your lips, and let the other play second fiddle. This rule holds especially true when wearing black lipstick. Keep your eye makeup matte and avoid loud, sparkly eye-shadow. Let your lips do all the drama, and avoid looking like you’re starring in a horror show!

Add Gloss: Matte black lips are far more dramatic. If you want to tone it down, add a layer of gloss. A hint of shine will make black lipstick far more wearable with a wider range of outfits.

Spruce Up Your Pearly Whites: Keep your dentals in tiptop condition. Yellowing teeth and black lips is not a pretty combination.

Prep Your Lips: No matter what shade of lipstick you wear, nothing will look right on rough, dry lips. Keep the base in tiptop condition by using a good quality lip scrub (like the one from Lush). You might also like to check out the brand new Lip Oil by Gosh Cosmetics (review coming up soon!).

CAUTION: Black is very unforgiving! Ironic how the opposite is true for a black dress, but when it comes to lipstick, a smudged black lip can look pretty disastrous when compared to your usual berry or nude shades. Make it last by using a good quality lip liner to prevent feathering, and carry a pocket mirror for touch-ups (especially when dining out!).

Tezzy with Black Lips

Absolutely love the limited edition black lipstick from the Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick range! It is a true black, and very, very matte. Despite being matte, it manages not to dry out the lips, and the color is highly pigmented too.


And here I am, sporting black lipstick 🙂 What do you think? Have I succeeded in making black lips wearable beyond Halloween, or should I just stick to this look for 31st Oct?