Tribes (The Dubai Mall): Unleash the Carnivore in You

Are you a hard-core meat eating fiend? Then you are in for a treat. Imagine the finest cuts of meat, served right at your table… and at a set price of AED 135 (for lunch) and AED 165 (for dinner) its an ‘all you can eat’ concept!

Come in with an empty stomach and wear your comfiest, stretchy-waist pants because Tribes Carnivore has opened up a brand new branch at the centrally located Dubai Mall itself! This new branch features an outdoor terrace boasting of stunning views of the Dubai Fountains and the mighty Burj Khalifa, and the interiors are stylishly exotic.

Keeping in tune with the brand ethics, the ambiance is done up with welcoming tribal African decor. The staff are super friendly and are all dressed up in African-inspired attire. Best of all, they even break into song at the drop of a hat!

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The tribal beats here are super catchy, and the staff seem to be so well trained with hip-swaying moves that I was very tempted to get off my seat and join them! My little one held me back, embarrassed by her mummy’s antics.



At the table, we have these miniature African drums. Turn it to green, and you are served with an endless lineup of cuts.

Tribes Carnivore The Dubai Mall All You Can Eat Meat African Food Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Food Blog Lifestyle Blogger UAE (19).jpg

Turning green, you really start off the party! The staff come to the table with an endless lineup of meat cuts, all so enticing that saying ‘no’ is next to impossible.

This is no ordinary potato mash. This creamy, cheesy side has been enhanced with the aromatic hit of truffle!


We started off with these very aromatic shots of mushroom and truffle soup.



CAUTION:  If you are a die-hard meat love, the next few images are going to make you really, really hungry! Vegetarians, look the other way 🙂



Beef Chorizo: These fiery red African-style sausages are loaded with the heat of chili and a combination of other exotic spices. 
Bacon Chicken Wrap: These wee little wraps really pack a flavorful punch. Featuring tender bites of chicken wrapped in crispy beef bacon, they tasted even better than they look.
Barbecue Prawns: At Tribes its not just about red meat, they also include these deliciously marinated skewered prawns.
I had these enticing little bites of Chicken Drumsticks with generous dips of Peri Peri sauce.
Meat Balls: Steaming hot, char-grilled and right off the rack, these meaty beauties are absolutely packed with flavor.
Beef Picanha: A favorite cut in Brazil! Read more about Picanha by clicking here.
Beef Ribs: Hands down our absolute favorite from the whole array of beef treats at Tribes, the meat was absolutely falling off the bone and we loved the salty-sweet marinade.
At Tribes, they even serve Wagyu! Given the price point, I was rather surprised to find this highly coveted cut on the menu.
Beef Tenderloin: Basted in exotic African spices, and cooked a perfect medium-rare.
Lamb Rump: Char-grilled and loaded with exotic flavor, it tastes even better than it looks!
Grilled Pineapple to help us digest all that meat!


Before long, you’ll be begging them to stop! Turn the drum to the red side, and head to the salad bar. Pile up your plate with seasonal vegetables, an array of dips and finely sliced salads. They also have the more uncommon varieties such as Beetroot Hummus, Earl Barley Salad, Quinoa Veg Salad and Eggplant Caviar.



At Tribes, they do some really interesting mocktails. I had the Tribes Brain Wash. Yes, I have to admit the name got to me…There I was after a super-busy work week, and I really could do with any form of brain refreshment I could get. I felt so brain drained!


This mocktail is all things fruity, and has a lovely berry after-taste. My only qualm with it is the fact that it was rater thick, which didn’t make it the ideal accompaniment with such a carnivorous meal!

And then there was dessert! We decided to go with the Flaming Caramel Tart. As the name suggests, this is a slice of decadence featuring oozy caramel that is torched on the table. What I wasn’t expecting was all the fanfare that came with it! Served in a larger than life African-style barrel and smoking with fumes of liquid nitrogen, a lineup of servers came bearing this treat with hip-swaying music to boot!


Perhaps this is a great fitness tip… go to an ‘all you can eat’ but remember to get up and dance half-way through! Tribes sure is an experience in itself, and is a must-try for meat lovers.

Tribes is located in Level 2, Star Atrium, The Dubai Mall. The buffet costs AED 135 for lunch, and AED 165 for dinner. Call 0558024399 for details.


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