Koita Organic Milk: A Whole New Sip of Goodness

There has been a whole lot of controversy in the recent past about the role of dairy foods in our diet. The orthodox vegan clan will tell you to give up cow’s milk altogether, and switch to plant-derived drinks. But, in my opinion, just because a drink has a milky appearance, it can never take over the place of actual milk. Take for example the whole controversy on soya milk; it has even been linked to many forms of cancer!

As a mother, I want the best for my child and stick to what we’ve been having for generations. But are all the cow’s milk on the market shelves alike? A week ago, two large cartons of Koita Organic Milk arrived at our doorstep, and we haven’t looked at another brand ever since.

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I loved the look and feel of the packaging as soon as I saw it. Simple, elegant and featuring a chubby smiling cow caricature, each tetra-packed 200 ml serving comes with a screw-on opening making it convenient to put away a half-drunk pack for later.

We received one carton of plain low-fat milk,  and the other was chocolate. I assumed my little one will hoard on the chocolate, but to my surprise, she seemed to just as keen on the plain variety! This goes to show the taste of Koita really is superior to ordinary plain milk.

The Koita chocolate milk tastes liked melted ice-cream, yet it manages not to be overly sweet. We even froze some into popsicles! A healthy summer treat that tricks fussy little eaters into having more dairy in a jiffy.

We’ve been using Koita Organic Milk in everything! From our morning coffee and cereal to rice puddings and bakes, they also come in handy for filling up lunch boxes and having as a quick nutritious drink.


Why switch to Koita Organic Milk?

  1. Organic: First off, its organic. This seems to be a buzzword for all things with heftier price tags these days, but in this case I am happy to report that Koita Organic Milk is an all-natural product that comes from the healthiest grass-fed cows of Italy!
  2. Absolutely Natural: Koita Organic Milk is sans any artificial preservatives, synthetic hormones, artificial pesticides and antibiotics.
  3. Long Life: Koita Organic Milk lasts for 6 months from date of production, and does not require any refrigeration. Great for busy families who don’t have limited grocery shopping time!
  4. Added Goodness: Koita Organic Milk is enriched with Vitamins A and D3.
  5. Convenient Packaging: The screw-on tops make storage easy, and the packs fit in conveniently into school lunch boxes. Best of all the packaging is eco-friendly too!
  6. The Human Angle: 10% of all Koita Organic Milk sales goes to local charities.


Where Can I Buy Koita Organic Milk?

Unlike many other health foods in the market, Koita Organic Milk is available in over 200 stores across the UAE. And if you are more online-inclined, you can conveniently place your orders on their website; www.koita.com