‘The Art of Brunch’ (Fountain Restaurant, Movenpick – Bur Dubai)

Fridays are brunch days. After a grueling week of work, its that day of the week when the entire household rises just before noon. By this hour, its too late for breakfast yet a little too early for lunch. Either do brunch at home (which usually consists of greasy plates of hash browns, runny eggs, sausage and a copious amount of red beans), or we head out for our cusp of a meal someplace new.

Brunching has made a permanent mark in the dining-out fabric of Dubai, and last weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited for ‘The Art of Brunch’ at none other than Movenpick Hotel, Bur Dubai. This establishment is one of Dubai’s oldest 5-star properties, and its old-world charm and very central location still attracts a varied mix of tourists all year round.

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Yet the majority of the guests at The Art of Brunch were local residents like us. We all like a chilled out Friday, and when we got there, the place was absolutely packed!

‘The Art of Brunch’ is located in the Fountain Restaurant, on the ground floor of Movenpick Hotel, Bur Dubai. This elaborate spread is only available on Fridays from 12 noon to 4 pm (last orders are taken around 3.30 pm).

If you have young children, you will love this place! They have a dedicated ‘Kids Corner’ which is in a large, secure room of its own down a corridor, and the space is fully supervised. This area has a huge bouncy castle which my 5 year-old loved, 3 large screens for computer gaming, a massive projector screen playing latest animated movies, and a wide buffet of kid-friendly dishes.

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My daughter had a great time there, and even made a whole bunch of friends. When we went to check in on her halfway through our meal, she didn’t even acknowledge us, totally engrossed in her play!

Reassured she was in good company, we sat back and really got to enjoy ‘The Art of Brunch’ experience. The staff here are super friendly, and despite having such a large crowd to cater to, our host for the day took the time to take us around the buffet and explain where we can find everything.

A beautiful pianist strums melodies while we eat.

The Art of Brunch is available in 2 different packages; it is AED 195 per head with unlimited soft drinks, and AED 295 inclusive of an endless flow of exclusive house beverages. This also includes some very pretty, tasteful mocktails and cocktails.


Here is a look at the different sections of the buffet…

The Breads & Cheese Cuts

As the name of this brunch suggests, everything here looks so artsy! The breads and cheese section looks almost too pretty to touch. Here, you can have your pick from the choicest slices of aged cheddar, Gruyere and cream cheeses. Top these over rustic-style bread, and you have the perfect accompaniment for copious glasses of wine!



The Winery

The alcoholic package includes a wide range of spirits, and here you can choose from a number of house beverages.



The Salad Bar & Mezze

From continental to Arabic, Asian to Russian, the salad bar here is literally heaving with options!



Cold Cuts

Fancy some cold cuts? Here’s a rundown of what’s in store for you here:


I for one love my smoked salmon, and this is exactly what I piled up my plate with!


My daughter loves sashimi too, and I requested a staff member to send her some. Just look at how beautifully they plated it up for her!



The Meatier Options

Carnivores rejoice! The carvery section at The At of Brunch has some really meaty options for you here.


One of my personal favorites from the buffet was their Braised Beef Ribs with 5 Spice. The meat was literally falling off the bones!



All Things Indian

If you are a fan of Indian curries, this is the corner for you.


They also have these delicious skewers of Malai Chicken Tikka!



For the Love of Seafood

Are you a Seafood Chowder addict? Here they do it the proper, alcohol-laden French way! Absolutely loved my mussels broth!



Sushi Parlor

The buffet includes alive sushi station where you can also get noodles stir-fried the way you want it.


Apart from traditional favorites, the sushi counter includes some innovative twists like this avocado and salmon combo, topped with salty feta!


We had a whole load of sushi served on our table! How artsy is the presentation yet again?!



The ‘Made to Orders’

As if the buffet isn’t enough, they also have a wee menu where you can order in a number of freshly made dishes. Hubby asked for the Seafood Platter, a crisp, deep-fried bouquet of seafood favorites including prawns and calamari.




D for Desserts!

If you have a major sweet-tooth like me, you really are spoilt for choice here! From elaborate chocolate figurines decorating the rows of pretty parfaits and pastries, they also have a live pancake-making station and a large smorgasbord of choicest Movenpick ice-creams. As if ice-creams were not enough, my little girl was thrilled to get a whole big wad of cotton candy to boot!

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At Fountain Restaurant’s Friday ‘Art of Brunch’, it really is impossible to try out everything on offer. The buffet here is massive! And with the kids packed away in their own world of fun and games, we adults got to relish a little time alone idling over the glorious food and drinks. 12 noon to 4 seems far too short!

‘The Art of Brunch’ is exclusively a Fridy affair at The Fountain Restaurant at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai. The brunch costs AED 195 per head with unlimited soft drinks, and AED 295 inclusive of an endless flow of exclusive house beverages. Call 04 3104320 to book in a table this Friday!

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