Fridays are brunch days. After a grueling week of work, its that day of the week when the entire household rises just before noon. By this hour, its too late for breakfast yet a little too early for lunch. Either do brunch at home (which usually consists of greasy plates of hash browns, runny eggs, sausage and a copious amount of red beans), or we head out for our cusp of a meal someplace new.

Brunching has made a permanent mark in the dining-out fabric of Dubai, and last weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited for ‘The Art of Brunch’ at none other than Movenpick Hotel, Bur Dubai. This establishment is one of Dubai’s oldest 5-star properties, and its old-world charm and very central location still attracts a varied mix of tourists all year round.

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Yet the majority of the guests at The Art of Brunch were local residents like us. We all like a chilled out Friday, and when we got there, the place was absolutely packed!