Grayton Hotel, a 4-star boutique hotel for business and leisure, has opened its hospitable doors in the heart of the hustle bustle of Bur Dubai, and with it comes a culinary gem we’ve all been waiting for.

Award-wining Indian fine-dining restaurant Bukhara hailing from Delhi, the capital of India has a repute for its authentic North Indian fare inspired by the Silk Road of trade and culture that brought the Moghuls to India. I love the Bukhara branch in Ajman Hotel, and we’ve driven down for their delicious grub many a time.

Bukhara has finally opened in Dubai. Located on the first floor of Grayton Hotel, the interiors are a contemporary take on the rustic brass-infused look and feel of the branch in Ajman. With filigree walls, holistic Buddha décor and an open-plan kitchen facing the dining area, Bukhara Dubai is all at once cosy, classy and welcoming.

Craving a hearty Indian lunch, and not quite sure what to order? The quintessential Indian thali is always a good idea. A ‘thali’ comprises of a number of sampler curries, rice and flat-breads, and if you’re lucky, you get  sweet treat at the end as well.

Bargain alert! Fine-dining Indian restaurant Antique Bazaar (located on the Mezzanine floor of the ever-popular 4 Points by Sheraton in the heart of bustling Bur Dubai), is offering a thali lunch for as low as AED 31 per person.

Bargain alert! If you love Italian… the pasta, the pizza, the fruity wines, the tiramisu, the works, you can have it all in unlimited quantities for a mere AED 144 per person.

This amazing offer is available for both lunch and dinner throughout the week at Ricetta, Four Points by Sheraton’s authentic Italian restaurant.

You get a taste of provencal Italy as soon as you walk into the restaurant with its cheerful red checkered tablecloths, the make-believe fruits and vegetable market and a wall plastered with classy black and white photographs of Italy. 

The waters of Dubai Creek host a wide number of floating restaurants, the majority of which serve up buffets onboard gaudily decked up wooden dhows. Bateaux Dubai is a far cry from the norm. This glass-enclosed air conditioned luxury cruise, complete with a set gourmet menu and live entertainment, makes for a very memorable experience and it is therefore no surprise to learn that Batueax Dubai has been touted as one of the top 10 things to do in our city.

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My husband and I set aboard Bateaux Dubai last Friday. Docking time is between 7.45 to 8.15 pm, and the cruise sets asail at 8.30 pm sharp. 

Located right in the center of the hustle  bustle of Bur Dubai is one of our city’s oldest hotel establishments. We’ve driven past Royal Ascot Hotel many times over, and consider it a landmark for giving out directions. The outer facade oozes old-world charm, and the drive up to the valet always seems packed.

However, I’ve never actually walked through their heavy oak-wood doors till early this month. It was a Monday evening, yet the place was packed. We were heading to the media launch of The Rooftop Lounge & Dining, Season 5.

Diwali, the auspicious Indian ‘Festival of Lights’ celebrated by Hindus the world over, is scheduled for the 30th of this month. This festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair (Wikipedia). It is by far, one of the grandest celebrations on India’s social calendar.

However, you don’t have to book a ticket to India to celebrate… From 29th through to 31st October, Antique Bazaar (at Four Points by Sheraton – Bur Dubai) has created a tantalizing lineup of traditional Diwali treats, complete with live Bollywood entertainment to boot!

Fridays are brunch days. After a grueling week of work, its that day of the week when the entire household rises just before noon. By this hour, its too late for breakfast yet a little too early for lunch. Either do brunch at home (which usually consists of greasy plates of hash browns, runny eggs, sausage and a copious amount of red beans), or we head out for our cusp of a meal someplace new.

Brunching has made a permanent mark in the dining-out fabric of Dubai, and last weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited for ‘The Art of Brunch’ at none other than Movenpick Hotel, Bur Dubai. This establishment is one of Dubai’s oldest 5-star properties, and its old-world charm and very central location still attracts a varied mix of tourists all year round.

Movenpick The Art of Brunch review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Food Blog UAE top blogger buffet alcohol sushi indian mussels mojito dessert  (34).jpg

Yet the majority of the guests at The Art of Brunch were local residents like us. We all like a chilled out Friday, and when we got there, the place was absolutely packed!

“Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes that for centuries were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East from China to the Mediterranean Sea.” – Wikipedia.

These legendary routes, set ablaze by none other than Marco Polo himself, was probably the beginnings of the East blending into the West. Apart from the lucrative trade of besotted silks, the West got introduced to the magic of noodles (and the Italians unabashedly turned it into pasta!). It also took heady mix of spices from the subcontinent to far reaching places and local dishes. The story is fascinating! And what better name can an Asian restaurant ask for than to be christened Silk Route?


Located in one of Dubai’s oldest hotels, Silk Route has built a reputation for its delicious fare of Chinese and Thai dishes, and if you are looking to go out for dinner with the family this long weekend, I have great news!

Weekend Bargain Dinner Alert! Every Thursday and Friday, Silk Route spreads out an elaborate ‘all you can eat’ buffet for as little as AED 99 per head (with soft-drinks) and AED 179 per head (with alcohol).

We were invited to a mock-Iftar party at Al Khaimah last night. Located in one of Dubai’s oldest hotel establishments, Al Khaimah at the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa is a spacious banquet hall that has been accentuated with beautiful Arabesque decor. The interiors look rather vintage, and have these gorgeous Aladdin lamps and Persian carpets displayed at every corner.

Al Khaimah Iftar at Arabian Courtyard and Spa (2)

Unlike many other hotels who have to revamp their space for that localized touch this Ramadan, Al Khaimah already has the much sought-after look and feel of the season.

Hola! What are you doing this Friday? Fancy a tapas-style lunch loaded with Spanish flavors? Add to it an endless flow of beverages, including a very spiked up Sangria, in a very friendly, festive ambiance with live music to boot. Here’s introducing Citimax Bur Dubai’s Huddle Bar Friday Tapas Brunch. If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, surely the pricing will have you floored… It costs a mere AED 99 per person for all you can eat and drink (inclusive of alcoholic beverages) between 12 noon to 4 pm 🙂

Huddle Bar Citimax Bur Dubai Friday Tapas Brunch review AED 99 all you can eat and drink alcohol Spanish bar sports bar live music (17)