Why Wear Red Lipstick?

Do you wear red lipstick? Following on from my last beauty post on two of my favorite red lipsticks (click here if you missed it), today’s post is a whole list of reasons you need to wear red lipstick too! 5 reasons you need red lipstick in your life why wear red lipstick

  1. Red lipstick is a classic. It’s one of the very few makeup trends that never go out of style.Screen siren Marilyn Monroe rocked the red lipstick with panache. Bollywood diva Rekha is rarely seen without her signature red pout, and can you imagine the likes of Dita Von Teese and Taylor Swift sans red lippie?!

    marilyn monroes lipstick contouring trick tried and tested by Tezzy including the makeup tools you will need
    Click on image above for my post on rocking the red lippie Marilyn style!
  2. Red lipstick makes your teeth whiter. The sheer contrast of red against your pearly whites makes them gleam a few shades brighter 🙂
  3. Red lipstick is instant glam! When you’re pressed for time, a dab of bright, red lipstick can transform your look from dreary to diva in seconds.
  4. Keep it simple. With red lips, the rest of your makeup can be kept to a minimal. Think monotones of grey and black. Classic red lips with a bold, black eyeliner is total siren material to me!
  5. Red is for everybody! Whether you’re pale or a tanned brunette, there is a shade of red to suit everybody. Fairer dames can opt for more cooler, blue-based hues. Brown girls look great with warmer orange tones that highlight the natural yellow undertones of the complexion.