Lime Crime Velvetines Review: Makeup for Unicorns

The other day I was cleaning out my makeup stash, and was amazed at how many lipsticks I owned in near-identical shades. The brands might be different, but overall I have concluded I am more of a berry-lipstick girl. My lipsticks tend to belong in the berry family of deep reds and hints of purple.

What kind of lipstick girl are you? Do you tend to over-buy berries like me? Or are you into nudes? Or perhaps all your lippies fall in the somber hues of browns and deep maroon?

I decided it was time I broke free from my lipstick stereotype, and got busy Googling online for ‘out of the box’ shades. This is when I discovered Lime Crime, a makeup brand for unicorns!

They have the craziest shades imaginable, and I was hooked. I ended up ordering not one, not two, not even three but four glorious shades of lippies from the Lime Crime Velvetines range.

‘Velvetines’ as the name suggests, is Lime Crime’s range of liquid lipsticks that leave a matt finish on the lips. With 18 shades to choose from including totally unorthodox shades of black, green, yellow and deep, dark purple, I settled for  Pink Velvet (a bright, chirpy neon pink), Trouble (an olive, khaki green), Pumpkin (a somber orange that totally matches the ‘pumpkin’ description) and Jinx (a very deep, dark purple).lime crime velvetines review pink velvet jinx trouble pumpkin

Here’s the swatches of my four Lime Crime Velvetines shades:

lime crime velvetines swatches review

If you are following me on Instagram, you have probably seen my selfie clicks wearing these shades!

Pink Velvet:lime crime velvetines pink velvet review

Trouble: lime crime velvetines trouble review


lime crime velvetines pumpkin review

Jinx:lime crime velvetines jinx review

What I LOVE about Lime Crime Velvetines:

  • The colours! Lime Crime is not for the faint hearted, and is a must-try for girls looking for something out of the box. This is definitely makeup for unicorns!
  • The packaging! How gorgeous is the metallic red box and the cutesy floral print on Lime Crime Velvetines? My daughter mistook these for candy bars 🙂
  • The matt effect! Lime Crime Velvetines really delivers on the mattifying effect. The liquid lippie dries onto the lips almost instantly and leaves the perfect matt finish.

The ‘Not So Good’ about Lime Crime Velvetines:

  • The colour intensity differs by shade. I love how deep and vibrant the Pink Velvet and Jinx are on my lips. However, for Trouble and Pumpkin, I need to apply a second coat to get the desired vibrancy.
  • Pink Velvet is more of a red than pink on me. I was hoping for a very bright, neon pink.
  • Lime Crime Velvetines has a very synthetic smell. It almost smells like plastic, but thankfully it vanishes pretty quickly as the lipstick dries onto the lips.
  • Lime Crimes Velvetines are very dry on the lips, and can accentuate the crevices and lines. You can only use this on well hydrated, exfoliated lips.

Where to Buy Lime Crime Velvetines:

Unfortunately Lime Crime is not available in stores in the UAE (yet! Will keep my radar on full alert, and let you know if this changes).

I bought my Lime Crime Velvetines from a UAE supplier who sells via Instagram: @glamourbeautyuae

You can also buy Lime Crime online via their website.

Loving how each Lime Crime Velvetines gives me a totally different look! Which shade do you like best? (Left to right: Pink Velvet, Jinx, Pumpkin and Trouble).