Judith Hobby: On JHC & Everyday Fashion Tips

Remember me raving about my recent fashion splurge on Judith Hobby Clothing? Today we talk to the extraordinarily stylish woman behind the brand; Judith Hobby herself!

judith hobby
Judith Hobby shares her journey into the fashion scene, and gives us invaluable tips on dressing up.

Judith Hobby created her line of clothing to fulfill the fashion needs of a much ignored niche in the UAE market. Her line is targeted at everyday women who want the perfect balance between style and comfort.

The beauty of JHC pieces lie in their versatility. At JHC there are no dress sizes; made of high-quality jersey, most styles fit a size 8 to 14. Furthermore, a JHC piece is made for the modern woman; the styles can be worn casually by day, and dressed up for a night about town.

Tell us about ‘Judith Hobby Clothing’, and how you came about creating this stylish concept.

JHC evolved from a previous business that I had with a friend. We travelled around the world buying individual pieces of clothing and then selling them on our return to finance our next trip. It was lots of fun, but it became increasingly difficult to source new designs so I tried my hand at designing a couple of pieces, and they sold out. That gave me the impetus to move into designing and that’s how JHC came into being.

Do you have a fashion design background, or are you self-taught?

I have no background in design or fashion, but have always been interested in fashion and love clothes. I guess most of my designs come from what I would wear. I think there is a real gap in the market, especially in Dubai, for affordable fashion-forward pieces that suit a less than perfect figure and that’s what I am aiming at.

Who or what is your greatest fashion muse when creating new designs?

I guess it’s not so much a muse rather than a mantra. I don’t believe that fashion and comfort are mutually exclusive. I like to think that you can look stylish but still be able to move and relax. My lifestyle is extremely busy so I like pieces that transition easily through all the roles in my busy day. That’s what I keep in mind when preparing a new collection.

What is your favorite piece of clothing from your collection, and why?

I really like this last collection and have kept a lot of the pieces for my personal wardrobe.

I guess my favorite piece at the moment is the Maisie pants. They look great when worn with trainers and a Bettina top, but change the trainers for killer heels and add some statement jewelry and it’s a completely different look. Plus they are as comfortable as PJs!!!

JHC Maisie Trousers
JHC Maisie Trousers, AED 325

Your clothing comes in ‘one size fits all’. This is contrary to the ‘tailored to fit’ idea we have been fed by fashion gurus. How do you make this work?

I use a lot of jersey and this allows the pieces to fit around the body. Obviously different designs suit different body types, but it’s quite amazing how many different sizes and shapes look good in a particular design.

Please share tips and tricks for dressing for your body type, and hiding flaws.

If you have a big bust then a V neck looks best. I love the Poppy jumpsuit for a casual, easy to wear piece.

poppy-jumpsuit AED 450
JHC Poppy Jumpsuit, AED 450

If you are carrying weight on your stomach then look for a drape that’s going to hide a multitude of sins. Check out our Aegina dress for a winner in this regard.

aegina-dress AED 425
JHC Aegina Dress, AED 425

Pear shapes need to emphasize the top half so choose a tighter fitting top like the Bettina and team it with a fuller pant like the Maisie’s or Fiona’s.

bettina-top AED 300
JHC Bettina Top, AED 300


What accessories would you list as ‘must-have’ items to spruce up an everyday outfit?

I love big statement rings and lots of big chunky bracelets. I like natural materials and wear a lot of our Fusion range.

shona AED 350
JHC Shona Necklace from the Fusion range, AED 350

Describe your own personal style.

Casual with an edge. I don’t really wear heels much anymore as my lifestyle doesn’t really require it, but I do love to dress up every now and again.

What are your biggest fashion peeves?

When I see women who have given up and just wear what’s easy. You need to make an effort for both yourself and those around you. Don’t give up. As I said previously style doesn’t mean not being comfortable. You also don’t have to have the best figure in the world to look fab. But you do need to make an effort.

Please list 5 fashion ‘must-haves’ you think every woman should own.

  1. A good handbag.
  2. A well cut t-shirt or tank that flatters her particular shape.
  3. Scarves.
  4. A good fitting bra. Its makes a major difference to how your clothes fit.
  5. Lipstick.

Where can we buy ‘Judith Hobby Clothing’?

JHC is available online through our website www.judithhobbyclothing.com. Or we have our studio which is in Dubai Studio City, opposite Arabian Ranches, in Dubai Studio Tower, Level 1.

Right now your website caters to online shopping for the GCC region. When do you plan to make this world-wide?

My main issue is the courier costs of sending things overseas. At this stage it’s just not worth it, which is a shame.

And any plans in the pipeline for opening more stores?

Not at the moment, but never say never 🙂