Lush: Penguin’s Leap of Faith

Meet Lush’s limited edition Penguin Bubble Bar.

Here he is at the edge of the bathtub, contemplating on a dip.

Lush penguin bubble bar

Will he take the leap of faith? The rubber duckies cheer him on.

lush penguin

He’s on the edge. He stands there and contemplates.

The water looks lovely, warm and flowing.

His quacking pals look on.

lush penguin bubble bar

And he’s in! Dangerously close to the plug.

The water makes him fizzle.

lush limited edition christmas penguin bubble bar bath

Bye, bye Lush Penguin. Hello bubbles!

The bathtub fills up with bubbles. The water turns a lovely hue of blue.

The scent is soothingly therapeutic. It smells delightfully fresh with a dainty floral undertone.

I lie back and relax in this deliciously scented tub of blue bubbly water. Instantly my mood elevates, the aches and pains from the daily grind are forgotten.

Book a date with Lush’s limited edition Penguin Bubble Bar. He makes lots of bubbles, he turns the water blue but makes you forget yours. And best of all, he’s so heavenly scented!