Established way back in 1979, Rasasi Perfumes is a household name in the Gulf region. This family business was spearheaded by the very enterprising Abdul Razzak Kalsekar who is still overseeing the business today, along with his six sons.

I spent an afternoon in their City Centre Deira branch last Friday morning, and was in awe with the very beautiful, spacious interiors of the store. The store takes cues from simplistic yet classy Parisian design. On the one end is a selection of oud chips, and an array of long-necked glass bottles with interesting perfume potions that can be mixed together and customized.


My eyes caught sight of the absolutely stunning enamel bottles that were on display. Each look like a work of art, and I was quite certain they’d cost a fortune. To my surprise, most of these retail for under AED 200!

The heady scent of aromatic Oud has long been an integral part of Arabian culture. Originally derived from agarwood and burnt as an incense (dehn al oud), the classic scent has since been bottled and remixed, and has even found its way into the global arena of perfume-making.

Are you an Oud addict? I have great news for you… aptly named after Oud lovers, ODICT is a brand new range of unisex eau de parfums of Saudi/Kuwaiti origin, yet created in France, the scent capital of the world.

 Atelier-Flou, the luxury fragrance brand originating from France, has made its debut into the UAE and GCC market this summer, and I had the pleasure of having a brief chat with the founder of the brand, Jean-François Cabos himself!

atelier flou interview UAE launch (3)

Atelier-Flou follows the age-old principles of perfumery, using the rarest of natural ingredients. The brand does not follow trends, it does not try to astonish or stand out. Rather, it lives by the principles of subtlety and elegance and prides itself for its unmatched quality. Read on for more on Atelier-Flou from the maker himself.

The power of perfumes on the human psyche fascinates me. One moment the mind is living in the present reality, and all it takes is the lingering scent of a certain perfume to transport the senses to a special memory.all good things lush perfum review blog

Mark Constantine, co-founder of Lush, has co-created a number of new fragrances under the ‘Family Memories’ genre with his son Simon. The father-son duo believe that smell is the closest of human senses when it comes to triggering a memory, and their relationship is a backdrop for the creation of this range.

My current favorite from the range is All Good Things.

A freshly picked bouquet of flowers from the garden, a summer’s walk down a sandy beach, fresh white laundry blowing in the wind. A whiff of Ralph Lauren Romance is subtle, clean and feminine.

Fragrances manage to evoke special memories. I used to wear Ralph Lauren Romance during my late teens. A forgotten scent, I was given a gift box of the eau de toilette inclusive of a body lotion by my very generous aunt who is visiting from Canada. Suddenly I’m 17 again; yet the subtle floral scent seems to agree with my adult self just as well.

Ralph Lauren Romance review

Meet Etienne de Swardt, the provocative perfumer behind the much talked about French perfume range Etat Libre d’Orange. Etienne is launching his controversial brand here in the UAE, and The Tezzy Files had the pleasure of having a chitchat with this enigmatic perfumer cum business maestro.