Introducing ODICT Eau De Parfums

The heady scent of aromatic Oud has long been an integral part of Arabian culture. Originally derived from agarwood and burnt as an incense (dehn al oud), the classic scent has since been bottled and remixed, and has even found its way into the global arena of perfume-making.

Are you an Oud addict? I have great news for you… aptly named after Oud lovers, ODICT is a brand new range of unisex eau de parfums of Saudi/Kuwaiti origin, yet created in France, the scent capital of the world.

“ODICT allows its wearers to shape-shift and transform, leaving strong and mysterious impressions of themselves long after they’ve gone…” – ODICT website.


I was sent a bottle of ODICT Dusk. Their website describes it as “The twilight of human life‭, ‬lusciously honeyed for a smoky carnal sensation‭”. Dusk is a play of woody, fruity notes.

ODICT Dusk takes on an animalistic characteristic. The top note is a delightful blend of rich dry fruits and exquisitely fragrant thyme. Precious agarwood notes and elegant leather accents reinforce the Arabic sensuality of the fragrance and are well supported by a cast of beautifully strung notes of vetiver, musk, and sandalwood. The main signature note is agarwood, with a very dry, subtle hint of smoke.

Key Ingredients: Pineapple, Agarwood, Leather
Top: Red Fruits, Neroli, Pineapple
Heart: Agarwood, Thyme, Musk
Base: Vetiver, Leather, Sandalwood

I love the clean, minimalist look and feel of the bottle. Luxe, yet not over the top, the ODICT bottles look perfect for both sexes.

To summarize, ODICT Dusk is a beautiful remix of tradition and modern times, of sensual and refreshing, of deep wood and fruity fresh. I feel comfortable wearing it day and night, and it gives me a sense of newfound empowerment. Amazing how a great scent can transform your entire outlook!
“ODICT perfumes are complex scents for minimalist people” (ODICT website).
The ODICT eau de parfums retail for AED 399 a bottle, and is exclusively available at Sephora stores across the Middle East, and can also be bought online on