Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree: a very special scent by Lush

Dad's Garden Lemon Tree by Lush review

When life gives you lemons, sit back and inhale the zesty goodness.

My mother and sister are visiting us from New Zealand. My father could not make it on this trip and of all the things he sent me, I was most touched by the photos he managed to dig out of me in Amsterdam when I was 8. My father is my biggest cheerleader, and he was probably more excited than I was for winning the impromptu trip to Amsterdam.

The other gift that touched my heart was a bag of lemons off the family tree, a few complete with the leaves and bark.

My father used to say one of the prime reasons he chose our family home in New Zealand was for the beautiful lemon tree that branched out at the center of the backyard.

I am a huge fan of lemons, and recall endless lazy weekends sitting at the porch eating lemons off the tree with generous pinches of salt. The tree is still flourishing after all these years, and only a father would know how precious a gift these lemons are to me.

And coincidence of coincidences, I got sent a bottle of Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree, a body spray by Lush.

Created by Mark Constantine, the founder of Lush, this special scent is a tribute to his father. When his father passed away, Mark was walking through his garden and a sad form of melancholy took over him. He never knew his father, yet he realized at that moment that it is actually possible to miss someone you never knew.

‘Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree’ by Lush stands for rediscovery and remembrance of past relationships, and how you can learn from the past to better your future.

The product is packaged into a spray bottle, much like the ones used for gardening. I like the branding on the front of the bottle. It looks like a child’s work of art, of dad and his lemon tree.

The scent itself is very light, and is a combination of lemon, lime, bergamot and lavender oil. The zesty notes predominate the scent, and is quite uplifting and refreshing to the senses.

As a body spray, ‘Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree’ is light, uplifting and zesty. Being predominant on the citrus note, it is not as complicated and two-dimensional as other Lush scents. This simplicity makes it ideal for everyday use, and for carrying around in the bag. It can also serve as a unisex scent.

I am using it myself, and will be sending back a bottle of this to my father.