Ralph Lauren Romance

A freshly picked bouquet of flowers from the garden, a summer’s walk down a sandy beach, fresh white laundry blowing in the wind. A whiff of Ralph Lauren Romance is subtle, clean and feminine.

Fragrances manage to evoke special memories. I used to wear Ralph Lauren Romance during my late teens. A forgotten scent, I was given a gift box of the eau de toilette inclusive of a body lotion by my very generous aunt who is visiting from Canada. Suddenly I’m 17 again; yet the subtle floral scent seems to agree with my adult self just as well.

Ralph Lauren Romance review

Created under the Ralph Lauren banner in 1998 by perfumer Harry Fremont, the initial advertising surrounding the scent focused on a surreal romance in a faraway meadow featuring steamy kisses and white, masculine horses.

Ralph Lauren Romance went on to become one of the brand’s most sought-after scents, and is sure to be listed among the classics. Today, Ralph Lauren Romance comes in a number of different variants including Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance and Ralph Lauren Romance Always Yours.

Ralph Lauren Romance Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes

  • Sungoddess Rose
  • Ginger
  • Camomile
  • Lychee
  • Marigold
  • Yellow Freesia

Heart Notes

  • Lotus Flower
  • Night Blooming Dailily
  • White Violet
  • Violet Absolute

Base notes

  • Patchouli
  • Oakmoss
  • Exotic Wood
  • Skin Musk

My Experience with Ralph Lauren Romance

I don’t really find anything ‘romantic’ about this scent. To me, it is a beautifully subtle, powdery floral bouquet that spells out clean, elegant sophistication.

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My Ralph Lauren Romance set seen here with my Ralph Lauren teddy I was gifted many years ago for Christmas. I am a little possessive about this little fellow, and hide him away from my four year-old! She will appreciate him better once she’s older.

The minimalist design of the clear square bottle along with the soft grey and pink packaging compliments both the image of Ralph Lauren and the scent itself.

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On the first spritz, the scent is strikingly floral (and I’m not a floral kind of girl). However, the magic starts once the scent dries down. From here it turns into a deliciously heady mix of exotic rose, ginger and a whiff of woody musk.

Some people might find the scent a little masculine, but it really is very subtle on the nose. Infact, as a working professional and a mother to a young child, I would say the scent is subtle enough to carry off at work and play without overpowering people around you.

The mood evoked is one of restrained sophistication, and makes me feel young, fresh and feminine all at once.

As the scent is very subtle, I do have to reapply by midday. Carrying the gorgeously clear square bottle around in my bag is a treat in itself.

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My gift box comes with the body lotion, and this makes my scent last a little longer thanks to fragrance layering.

Ralph Lauren Romance is a soft feminine scent that is casual yet elegant. Like the brand it represents, it conveys classic American elegance.