Can you believe the iconic McDonald’s Big Mac Burger is turning 50 years old this Wednesday 14th March 2018? Despite all the media slack this fast-food giant may have faced in the recent past, big brands like these are here to stay and celebrate their success.

To commemorate 5 decades of decadence, McDonald’s has come up with 2 limited edition versions of the Big Mac.

big mac


Stranger Things, the ever-popular supernatural thriller, has started airing season 2 this Friday 27th October.

Exclusively aired on Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service provider, Stranger Things is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s, and revolves around the investigation of a missing young boy and the supernatural events surrounding the mystery. The second season promises many more popcorn-gripping twists and turns, and I am gearing up to a Netflix binge-watch session this coming weekend!

And if the launch of Stranger Things season 2 isn’t good news enough, here’s enticing news for all you foodies out there…

If you are looking out for an All-American style diner, Clinton Street Baking Company is the real deal. Conceptualized and created by a husband-wife duo in New York, the restaurant’s iconic blueberry pancakes have won the accolade of ‘best in the city’ by New York Magazine, twice in a row! However, they are not just about baking… I raved about their life-changing 15-hour smoked beef ribs here before, and I was recently invited back, a gap of nearly a year since my last visit.

The interiors haven’t changed much, but the lighting has been dimmed down for a more cozier ambiance for the evenings. The only downside with this is that my photography skills were greatly challenged with the lack of light!

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