Original Wings & Rings

Craving an All-American style plate of chicken wings? You know, the kind of ‘pub grub’ that makes your night out memorable for its juicy, moist tenderness and a coating of exceptionally delicious sauce?

Look no further! Head to ‘Original Wings & Rings’ at DIFC, Dubai.

original wings and rings dubai

Located on Level C of Liberty House (DIFC), Original Wings & Rings is an American chain specializing in decadent chicken wings since 1984.

Original Wings & Rings is a sports bar concept where friends can catch up over a game and share a hearty meal with designer cocktails and beer.

I for one am not a fan of watching any form of sports, and thankfully nor is my man. It was all the rave reviews about their chicken wings that got us there last Saturday.

We were quite impressed with the funky, semi-lit entrance. It looks so groovy and befitting of an ‘it’ place to be hanging out at, and check out all the witty wordings!

original wings and rings DIFC

The interiors is divided between a bar and smoking area, and an area dedicated to dining.

The bar area has high-stools and is located right next to the bar.

Original Wings & Rings Bar Area
Original Wings & Rings Bar Area
Original Wings & Rings Bar
Original Wings & Rings Bar

Being non-smokers, we were escorted to the dining area.


Original Wings and Rings has a laidback, stylish vibe. The quirky messages from the front entrance make an appearance here and there along with sports memento flags.

Another witty message board that sums up the vibe!
Another witty message board that sums up the vibe!

A number of screens can be seen from pretty much all the seated areas for those interested in the footie game that was being aired that night.

We were hosted by the lovely Christina from Romania who was more than helpful with our menu selection, and very well-versed on its offerings.


For appetizers, you have to order rings at Original Wings & Rings! It’s their specialty after all.


These rings are not your regular fast-food variety. Made of fresh, sweet white onions, these are large, chunky rings battered in a crisp, deliciously deep-fried batter.

The rings are accompanied with a creamy ranch sauce which makes this dish devilishly good.

We also had the Spinach & Artichoke Dip.


The Spinach & Artichoke Dip is a divinely creamy, cheesy dip consisting of Parmesan, Asiago and Romano cheeses with shredded artichoke and blanched spinach leaves blended in.

It is served with crisp, deep-fried pita bread, and I would say one plate of this is enough for four.

The Spinach & Artichoke Dip is a must for cheese lovers, and you don’t have to be a spinach fan to like this dish. The flavor of the spinach is quite subdued, and the artichoke seems to take precedence.

I really enjoyed this dip, and even had it with the onion rings!

Original Wings & Rings has built a reputation around their flavorful cocktails, and their drinks menu has a good mix of options for every kind of drinker.


Original Wings & Rings Drinks Menu

Hubby wanted something strong, and Christina recommended he try the Blue Hawaiian.

Original Wings & Ring’s Blue Hawaiian is a medley of vodka, Blue Curaco, Malibu and pineapple juice. Hubby enjoyed his rather tropical drink, and it was the right kind of ‘strong’ that he was after.

I think the Blue Hawaiian looks like a Smurf got blended into a drink! Such a vibrant blue.

As for me, I wanted a sweet-tasting cocktail and went for ‘David’s Delight’, a pretty layered glass of rum, melon liqueur, Blue Curaco, pineapple juice and Grenadine. The melon flavor was delicious, and the level of sweetness in my drink became my ally once the super spicy ‘One Million’ sauce arrived at our table!

original wings & rings cocktails

What makes the wings at Original Wings & Rings super special? With a wide variety of chicken cuts and flavors, the possibilities are endless! At Original Wings & Rings you can customize your wings to how you like it.

Ordering the wings is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Choose between traditional wings, boneless wings and tenders.

Step 1 owr

As we were at a wings specialist’s, we decided to go for the traditional wings. Nothing like chicken on the bone I say!

Step 2: Choose the wing’s flavor.

Step 2

At Original Wings & Rings, there are 8 flavors to choose from! We were spoilt for choice, and Christina very generously offered to give us a sampler of all eight to help us make up our minds.

Step 2 sauces

We settled for the ‘Sweet Barbeque Sauce’ and ‘Crazy’, which happens to be their best-seller.

Step 3: Choose how hot you want it.

The three little pots of red sauce in the picture above are the mild, medium and hot sauces.

Step 3

“Where is the ‘One Million’?” we asked. Christina raised an eyebrow, and warned us it was super-duper hot. They call it ‘one-million’ as it is supposed to be one-million times hotter than a regular hot sauce.

We felt challenged. We wanted the ‘One Million’!

Original Wings and Rings takes no responsibility for the outcome of having the ‘One Million’. We actually had to sign a contract before it was served on our table!

Step 3 one million

We chose to have the ‘One Million’ sauce over the Sweet Barbeque Wings, and the Medium-Hot over the Crazy Wings.

You also get a choice between regular fries, curly fries and wedges to accompany the wings. We went for Curly Fries!


The wings are served with a Blue Cheese dip and a Ranch dip.


To be honest, I didn’t need either of these dips. The wings were soaked in decadent flavoring all on their own.

‘Crazy’ has a fan-following for a reason. This delicious flavor is a masterful mix of roasted garlic and teriyaki sauce. It is sweet, savory and pungently garlic all at once. I’m glad we chose the Med-Hot sauce to go with Crazy, as the overpowering heat of the ‘One Million’ would overshadow this flavorful bite.

Our ‘Sweet Barbecue’ was dressed up in the ‘One Million’, and all we could taste was the overwhelming heat of chili! How well did we handle the ‘One Million’ you ask? We loved it! It definitely is super hot, and can be likened to Tabasco mixed with copious spoonful’s of chili powder. Try with caution!

If you are very brave, you can take part in the Original Wings & Rings’ ‘One Million’ contest where you get to sit on stage and eat as many ‘One Million’ wings possible in 2 minutes flat. The winner gets announced on their social media platforms. Oh the glory of handling a hot bite!

The stage at Original Wings & Rings

Original Wings & Rings has been created to be a playground for the big boys and girls. Apart from the sports screens, there is a lot happening here throughout the week.

original wings and rings theme nights

For the Sunday movie nights, the dining area is transformed to a large space stuffed with comfy beanbags, enough to accommodate ten to fifteen people. Popcorn is on offer along with highly discounted buckets of beer, and I’d imagine a plate of wings and rings would go perfectly in this scenario. Right now, the movie nights are screening reruns of the Rockie series (much to hubby’s delight!). I’ll be waiting for a chick-flick.

If you’re visiting with a crowd, you can take advantage of the group rates at Original Wings & Rings.

owr crowd control

Mexican Mondays means half-priced nachos and discounted drinks, and you can buy wings for AED 3.99 every Tuesday.

Wednesdays bring in Ladies Nights where ladies get three free drinks on the house. Men don’t fret, Original Wings & Rings has Happy Hour rates to keep everyone happy.

original wings and rings happy hour drinks menu

Fridays are feast-days at Original Wings & Rings with unlimited food and drink starting from AED 149 per person.

Saturday afternoons are perfect for kids. The sports channel is switched to the Cartoon Network, there are games and entertainment with a friendly clown while mummy and daddy enjoy a quiet drink.

Original Wings & Rings is also planning an ‘Open Mic’ night for diners to showcase their talent on stage. More details will be announced on the Facebook page.

The large screen for movie nights at Original Wings & Rings

After all the divinely delicious wings, I wanted dessert. Strangely enough, Original Wings & Rings doesn’t have a dessert menu. However, Christina said they are offering three dessert choices; traditional cheesecake, triple chocolate cheesecake or a brownie with ice-cream.

I went for the brownie.


I’ve had many a brownie, and I am not exaggerating when I say this has to be one of the best I’ve ever had! The brownie was beautifully soft, with the perfect amount of chewiness. Crunchy pecan nuts added to the texture, and an absolutely scrumptious golden caramel sauce oozed out with every bite. The scoop of ice-cream and drizzled chocolate sauce acted more like garnish; the brownie was spectacular even on its own.

My hubby tried one spoonful and suddenly this man who claimed he wanted nothing to do with dessert was having brownie wars with me! The plate was cleaned up far too soon.

Going by this brownie, I really do hope Original Wings & Rings invests in a dessert menu and gives desert fans more to rave about.

So if you’re looking for a rowdy, fun-filled night out with great All-American grub, head to Original Wings & Rings. Eat, Drink, Talk Loudly.

The Original Wings & Rings branch in Dubai is located in Liberty House (DIFC). Call 04-359-6900 for reservations. The GPS coordinates are 25.209177, 55.276893. 

They also have a branch in Khalidiya Mall, Abu Dhabi.

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