The Big Mac Just Got Bigger

Can you believe the iconic McDonald’s Big Mac Burger is turning 50 years old this Wednesday 14th March 2018? Despite all the media slack this fast-food giant may have faced in the recent past, big brands like these are here to stay and celebrate their success.

To commemorate 5 decades of decadence, McDonald’s has come up with 2 limited edition versions of the Big Mac.

big mac

The Grand Big Mac, an even bigger version of the classic Big Mac that has larger patties and buns, double the cheese, the usual toppings and a total of 741 kcal.

Alongside this McDonald’s is also releasing the Mac Jr, a smaller version of the Big Mac that comes with just one beef patty, a slice of cheese and the sauce. It has 400kcal per serving.

And here’s even better news… as Big Mac turns 50, they are generously giving us 50% off Big Mac’s! Only valid on 14th March.

Happy Birthday Big Mac!