Remember me raving about my recent fashion splurge on Judith Hobby Clothing? Today we talk to the extraordinarily stylish woman behind the brand; Judith Hobby herself!

judith hobby
Judith Hobby shares her journey into the fashion scene, and gives us invaluable tips on dressing up.


Meet Sheila Fajl. Bold, beautiful and eclectic just like the gorgeous jewelry line named after her, Sheila’s statement pieces have been donned by celebrities on the red carpet as well as trendy fashionistas the world over who have a penchant for something out of the ordinary.

sheila fajl

I’ve already raved about ELF in my previous post

In business school, we are taught that the customer is always right. To be successful, you need to have an excellent product on offer coupled with exceptional customer service. ELF is the perfect example of business success. Not only do they offer uniquely beautiful leather goods topped with one-on-one customer care, you also have the freedom to customize each piece to your liking.

Meet Olga, the phenomenal woman behind the brand.

Bali Elf