Fashion Designer Isabelle Guillemot: On Deadly Companions & Fashion

Deadly Companions is a stylishly edgy fashion label from Australia.

Deadly Companions

It was created by Sydney design duo Isabelle Guillemot and Lucina Mason, and has been creating waves in the fashion world.

Lucida & Isabelle
Lucida & Isabelle

Isabelle was in Dubai a couple of weeks back, and I had the pleasure of having a chitchat with her. She shared her experiences as a designer, and listed invaluable fashion tips every girl should know. Read on for details.

Tell us about ‘Deadly Companions’, and how you came about creating this stylish concept.

Deadly Companions is the result of my business partner Lucina and my personal design aesthetic while drawing inspiration from the artists we work with to create our unique prints. We wanted to create unique, on-trend clothing for both men and women while being competitively priced.

deadly companions men

How did you come up with the name ‘Deadly Companions’? Is it influenced by the 1961 movie of the same name?

Yes it is. We heard of the film and absolutely loved the name as it felt like a collective name that could encompass all the people we collaborate with which makes the label so unique. It’s also a play on Lucina and I being ‘Deadly Companions’ and the Yin and Yang of men and women.

Tell us about yourself! Do you have a fashion design background, or are you self-taught?

Both Lucina and I did a Bachelor of Fashion Design at The Whitehouse Institute of Design Sydney, which is where we met. It is really important to understand textiles, garment construction and finishes to create a quality product whether you gain that knowledge through a formal education or experience.

Who or what is your greatest fashion muse when creating new designs?

I don’t exactly have a specific muse; I try and create a mood or feeling in the clothing I design that I think our customer wants to express. I have favorite designers but draw most of my inspiration through street style, music and the artists we collaborate with.

Deadly Companions @ O Concept (4)

What is your favorite piece of clothing from your collection, and why?

I really love the ‘Beautiful End Dress’ as a statement piece as we were able to collaborate with Julian Meagher and use his amazing work to create this unique dress. We also do this design in black, ‘The Shadow Dress’ which is a more subtle and striking piece.

Beautiful End Dress by Deadly Companions
Beautiful End Dress by Deadly Companions

You lived in Dubai for 2 years, and are back to designing from Down Under. How does fashion vary between Sydney and Dubai?

I did live in Dubai and my family still lives here, I’m back and forth so I get the best of both places. Emirati and many expats here are some of the most fashionable people I know of 🙂 The region has been moving towards being more alternative like some parts of Australia which is exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing what labels come out of the region in the years to come.

Please share tips and tricks for dressing for your body type, and hiding flaws.

It’s always important to feel comfortable and confident with what you are wearing, and you will shine. Wearing darker colours in areas you want to minimise always helps, and layering can always hide any flaws.

What accessories would you list as ‘must-have’ items to spruce up an everyday outfit?

Great sunnies is a must. I also have an obsession with scarves.

Describe your own personal style.

Most days you will find me in pants! I’m not feminine at all and rarely wear skirts. I love layering with shirts, jackets and scarves.

What are your biggest fashion peeves?

I don’t like cheap fabric, It really lets down an outfit. Also dressing for your body type is really important to look effortless.

Please list 5 fashion ‘must-haves’ you think every woman should own.

Awesome jeans, cool sunnies, statement flats, a structured jacket and a cocktail dress you know looks amazing on you.


What’s new about the SS15 collection from ‘Deadly Companions’?

This season we collaborated with Sydney based artist Julian Meagher who I absolutely love. His work is dreamlike and features on many pieces this season. You will get lots of sheer and PU detailing this season as well as bold silhouettes and frayed denim.

patch me up

Where can we buy the SS15 collection from ‘Deadly Companions’?

We ship worldwide from our website.

O Concept in Jumeriah 1, Dubai feature many pieces from our current collection and based in Kuwait are stocking our men’s line.