My Perfect Leather Tote

What makes the perfect tote? Picture1

I have always favored big bags over small. It makes practical sense in my world. My ideal bag needs to fit in a truckload of things; my wallet, makeup stash, ipad, sunnies, and preferably have a separate compartment with easy access to my phone and keys. It also needs to accommodate sudden trips out with bubby (think baby wipes, water bottles, snacks).

To top it off, it needs to be super stylish and pretty light-weight (I’ve had bags that weigh down on my poor shoulder even when empty).

On the right is a compilation of leather totes I loved from Pinterest. I love the look of worn leather. It has a rustic worn-out charm and manages to look great with anything. The hunt was on, I needed a high quality leather bag that could easily take me from the boardroom to a day out with my toddler.

My online searches lead me to Bali Elf. Based in scenic Bali, this gem of a company creates the funkiest leather goods, have excellent customer service, and ship all over the globe:

I have bought a ton of stuff from them till date. More on my other purchases later, but one of my most used Bali Elf items has to be the Bella bag.

I got it in Dark Tan, and it ticks all the boxes for what I’ve been looking for in the perfect tote. It’s handmade in gorgeous tanned leather, goes with almost everything I wear, packs a whole heap of things, and looks even better with more wear and tear.


You can even customize the lining inside the bag. Mine has this stunning patchwork design:


At USD $290 it might seem a little indulgent, but you get far more for your money. This is a bag that I know will last me many years to come, a great investment piece that blends perfectly with daily life.