Mummy-Daughter Date at Eat Greek Kouzina

Every Friday morning, my little girl Farasha and I have a special weekend ritual that we call ‘Girls Day Out‘. While daddy snoozes, we like to go out for a bout of girlie shopping, and often treat ourselves to a light lunch.

My daughter is only 7, and this means our dining options are often restricted to quick fixes that end with a free toy. However, I’ve recently discovered that one of my favorite Greek restaurants also has quite a specialized kid’s menu.

This was us a couple of Fridays back at Eat Greek Kouzina, The Dubai Mall. Was super fun shooting with the Eat Greek Kouzina and Le Pear Societe team, and they were so patient with my super hyper bunny. Click ‘play’ on the below Instagram post to see:

We started off with the Grilled Cheese Saganaki, aka a feta cheese parcel topped with the sweetness of honey and a generous sprinkle of sesame seeds. The warm, salted cheese is moreishly filling, and the sweetness of the honey adds an interesting flavor dimension to the dish.


We also had a serving of freshly baked pita bread with Tzatziki, a traditional Greek thickened yogurt dip featuring cucumber, garlic and fresh herbs. It tastes very similar to an Indian raita, but is far thicker and creamier in texture. Farasha found the name hilarious as she reckons it sounds like ‘Tezzy’ 😀


Then there was the Soutzoukakia, Farasha’s favorite from the starters round. These are essentially beef meatballs served in a mildly spiced tomato gravy. The meatballs are deliciously moist and loaded with beefy goodness.


We also had a serving of Beef Skewers, succulent soft meat straight out of the oven of Eat Greek Kouzina.



Click ‘play’ above to watch us delve into our mains!

I tried out a very authentic Greek dish called Gemista. This dish features grilled peppers and ripened tomatoes stuffed with herbed rice and char-grilled to perfection. A few wedges of potato add depth to the hearty dish. Gemista is a rice lover’s delight, and I would suggest a peaceful siesta right after.


The kid’s menu at Eat Greek Kouzina is pretty comprehensive, and what I like about their options is that they really are the typical kid’s favorites yet cooked fresh in-house (no frozen nuggets in sight).

Farasha loved her Fish & ChipsThe fish had a very crunchy crumbed coating, deep-fried a perfect golden brown and I have to admit I stole a few bites too.


Are you one of those mummies who bribe your kids to finish their meal with chocolate? Guilty! At Eat Greek Kouzina, chocaholic little monsters are in for an epic treat with the Spartan Milkshake. 

Keeping in tune with the war heroes it is named after, a troupe of Eat Greek staff marched up to our table with war cries which even took my hyper bunny by surprise. The milkshake is a thick chocolate concoction, ice-cold and sinful. To top it off, it comes garnished with a chocolate-filled donut. Beware of major #sugarhighs


Eat Greek Kouzina remains one of my favorites for a laid-back family meal. As adults, we get to try out a wide range of authentic Greek dishes and can rest assured the little ones are having an equally good time.

The interiors are gorgeously provencal, and proves to be a much-needed foodie sanctuary after all that walking and shopping around the biggest mall in the world.

Head to their branch at The Dubai Mall, and you are just a few steps away from beating the crowd at sighting the epic Dubai Fountains. They also have branches in scenic sea-facing JBR and Mall of the Emirates.