Moist Lover Rubber Mask by Dr. Jart+

First there were sheet masks, and now we have rubber masks! I got this rather freaky looking mask from the Sephora beauty event early last month, and finally decided to give it a go.

Dr. Jart+ Rubber Mask Moist Lover review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blog UAE Blogger Skincare Sephora face mask (2).jpg

This, my friends, is the Moist Lover Rubber Mask by Dr. Jart+, yet another innovative skincare product from Korea that is exclusively available at Sephora in the Middle East.

As the name suggests, the sole purpose of this mask is to really, really up the moisturizing level of the skin. Given I have normal to dry skin, I was hoping my face would really soak up all that moisturizing goodness. 


A packet of the Moist lover Rubber Mask by Dr. Jart+ includes two products for the 2 steps:



1st Step is to use the Moist Intensive Ampoule Pack. This is a 5 ml serving of a serum that includes an active Phytokeratin Complex; a highly hydrating ingredient consisting of corn soy and wheat to create a moisture barrier on the skin.



The serum looks like a moisturizing cream, but has a cooling gel-like touch. I rubbed it gently all over my cleansed face, and even had enough for my neck.



Step 2 is putting on the Rubber Mask.

Why a rubber mask you ask? Unlike regular sheet masks, rubber keeps the active ingredients on the skin and prevents them from evaporating. But the Dr. Jart+ rubber mask is no ordinary rubber!

The Rubber Mask is infused with the following marine moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin feeling moist and supple all day long:

  • Green Algae
  • Sea lettuce
  • Chlorella

Given the 3 active ingredients in the rubber mask, I would have thought it would be green… but it turns out to be a pale blue (like a Smurf gone albino).



The rubber mask is wobbly like jelly, and you have to handle it with care as it can easily tear.



Unlike a sheet mask which can be removed after 20 minutes or so, this rubber mask needs to stay on for a whole 40 minutes.

It feels slightly tighter upon nearing the end of 40 minutes, but I almost didn’t want to take it off… it feels so comfortingly cool and refreshing against my face.

When I did peel it off, my face looked rather shiny with all that serum, but it also looked very refreshed and I didn’t have much product to rub in. The rubber mask really did help actively push all that product into my skin! No evaporated waste for sure.

An hour later, the shiny sheen has worn off, and my skin still feels slightly cool and very hydrated.

The next morning, I couldn’t help but admire how soft and supple my skin felt right after waking up (and I am not a morning person!). No makeup for me! Just a quick flick of lipstick and eyeliner will suffice for a work day with skin this refreshed.

I will definitely reuse this mask in the near future, and am excited about trying out other rubber masks from the Dr Jart+ range.

The Dr. Jart+ masks retail for AED 33, and are available at all Sephora stores across the region.