The Zoeva Opulence Eye-Shadow Palette Review

I got introduced to German makeup brand Zoeva at the Sephora Summer 2017 launch last year, after which the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eye-Shadow Palette has become a ‘can’t live without’ staple in my makeup stash.

This summer, Sephora Middle East is launching the much-coveted Zoeva Opulence collection featuring an extravagant eye-shadow palette, a ritzy blush palette and a luxurious vegan brush set.

Zoeva Opulence Eye Shadow Palette Review Sephora Middle East Dubai Beauty Makeup Blogger Blog The Tezzy Files Swatches (5)

I am now the proud owner of not one, but two Zoeva eye-shadow palettes! While the Nude Spectrum features earthy tones and a balanced mix of shimmery and matte, the brand new Zoeva Opulence Eye-Shadow Palette lives up to its name with a predominantly metallic range of shades that exude the finer things in life.

Even the names of the shadows are inspired by all things rich and opulent. Think ‘high chair’, ‘society figures’ and ‘imperial’ for instance. And the quote on the inner lid reading ‘Sometimes More is Simply More’ reminds me of my favorite fashion icon, Iris Apfel.



“Balancing an exuberant extravagance with elegant restraint, the lavish ZOEVA Opulence Eyeshadow Palette unveils a bountiful arrangement of plush eyeshadow colors. Sparked by the rich hues and dramatic shades of moody still life paintings, the palette transforms the beautiful essence of a blooming bouquet into ten highly pigmented eyeshadow shades. From rosy copper over hues of ivory dahlias to vibrant royal blue orchids, the palette features the perfect shades and finishes to create a true makeup masterpiece.” –

Zoeva Opulence Eye Shadow Palette Review Sephora Middle East Dubai Beauty Makeup Blogger Blog The Tezzy Files Swatches (4)


The Shades:

  • High Chair: a metallic warm-toned light gold shade.
  • Society Figures: a metallic, cool-toned, rose gold shade.
  • Get your Glory: a deep magenta, the only matte eyeshadow in the palette.
  • Imperial: metallic, cool-toned dark rose-gold shade.
  • Koh-i-Noor: metallic, classic royal blue shade with a hint of sparkles.
  • Industrial Fortune: metallic, cool-toned white cold shade.
  • Sense of Movement: metallic, deep warm copper shade.
  • Queen for a Day: metallic, cool-toned gold+khaki shade. Perfect neutral shade for any makeup.
  • The Only Delight: limited edition. metallic, light purple shade.
  • Golden Years: a limited edition, cool-toned metallic aubergine.


The Swatches:

Zoeva Opulence Eye Shadow Palette Review Sephora Middle East Dubai Beauty Makeup Blogger Blog The Tezzy Files Swatches (1)
How do you keep a pesky makeup-curious tot occupied when doing your blog shoots? Get them involved with swatching 😀


Tezzy’s Take on the Zoeva Opulence Eye-Shadow Palette

I love the quality of these shades. There is hardly any fallout, and they blend so beautifully well together. All the shades compliment each other, so there are endless looks to be created here.



All the colors are also very beautifully pigmented, barring one. The only matte shade in the palette is the deep burgundy called ‘Get Your Glory’. The color looks so vibrant on the palette, but upon swatching it doesn’t really deliver the intensity I was hoping for.

I would have also liked to have a few more matte shades here for versatility.

What I do love about this palette is the beautiful packaging. I am a sucker for great packaging, and this gorgeous piece of art looks great on my vanity shelf. Also, the packaging is so sleek and compact making it great for storage and travel.

If you are looking for an everyday look, this palette can deliver on that, but really… as it says on the inner lid, ‘sometimes more is simply more’, and these shades were made to make a statement. Dare to really shimmer this summer and opt for a more ‘opulent’ look. And did I mention the Koh-i-Noor? That vibrant deep blue shimmery number is my favorite, and blue lids are so on-trend this season!

Zoeva Opulence Eye Shadow Palette Review Sephora Middle East Dubai Beauty Makeup Blogger Blog The Tezzy Files Swatches (3)


The Positives:

  • The packaging! Apart from the absolutely stunning floral artwork that is so grunge yet romantic all at once, the palette is ultra slim making it ideal for storage and travel.
  • The product quality is really up there, as expected with all things Zoeva. There is hardly any fall-out, the colors blend effortlessly together and are highly pigmented.
  • The formulation of the eyeshadows is enriched with vitamin E and is 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates.
  • My favorite is the very vibrant, shimmery deep blue Koh-i-Noor. It is the rebel shade that stands out in this palette, and blue shadow is so trendy this year.
  • The colors in this palette are universally flattering.
  • Includes 2 limited edition shades.


The Negatives:

  • There is only 1 matte shade in this palette, therefore giving less creative stance to play with transition formulations.
  • The matte deep burgundy called ‘Get Your Glory’ looks gorgeous on the palette, but is not as pigmented as I was hoping for.


Product Pricing & Availability

The Zoeva range of products is exclusively available in our region at Sephora Middle East, and can also be bought online, click here .

The Zoeva Opulence Eye-Shadow Palette retails for AED 116.