‘Under the Abaya’: Cadillac Celebrates Saudi Women’s Street Style

With the advent of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in the Middle East, March has officially been declared the month of women.

To commemorate the celebrations, Cadillac, the world’s leading luxury automotive brand, has taken a bold, fashionable step by collaborating with Saudi entrepreneur and fashion editor Marriam Mossalli by launching  a series of photographs that have been included in a book titled Under the Abaya: Street Style from Saudi Arabia.

Cadillac Under the Abaya Saudi Marriam Mossalli (1)


Often seen as a confinement of social norms, Mossalli champions the abaya as an artful means of expressing the Saudi culture. Labeling it as a traditional article of clothing, Mossalli likens it to a Japanese kimono or a Moroccan kaftan, presenting images of Saudi fashion, submitted and modeled by women all over the country, in a quest to present the abaya in a previously unseen light: a powerful garment worn by strong women.

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 This collaboration is in parallel with the significant reforms in Saudi Arabia, and Cadillac Middle East is once more highlighting its global commitment to the arts, and its Dare Greatly initiative.

In collaboration with Mossalli, Cadillac is setting up a platform to share snippets of women’s lives in Saudi Arabia.

“Under the Abaya presents progressive Saudi women, embedded in heritage and confident in their own sense of cultural identity. This fits with Cadillac’s dedication to exposing a rich world of culture,” – Nadim Ghrayeb, Head of Marketing, Cadillac Middle East.


Following changes under Saudi Vision 2030, the Under the Abaya initiative comes in time to present a coffee table book that celebrates and empowers Saudi females.

Every Saudi female across the globe is invited to submit her jet-setting street style photos and pre-order the book through www.undertheabaya.com; the book intends to expose unique versatility and ambition through a series of photographs – submitted by the women themselves.

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Positively received by Saudi women prior to its market launch, the book has been presented and discussed at a number of events and occasions held across the Kingdom including the fifth edition of 21,39, a contemporary art exhibition organized annually by the Saudi Art Council across the city Jeddah.


Cadillac Under the Abaya Saudi Marriam Mossalli (2)
Author Marriam Mossalli

Explaining the concept of her initiative, Marriam Mossalli said: “We are witnessing a generation of women willing to stand out and Under the Abaya celebrates Saudi women who are prepared to do just that. With Cadillac’s support, I have the good fortune to curate a book that showcases modern yet very traditional women who are proud of their heritage.”


Throughout its history, Cadillac has worked to share the stories of innovators, trailblazers and pioneers driving the world forward. In line with its Dare Greatly initiative, Cadillac has campaigned to share daring points of view on the latest culture, design and more.