With the advent of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in the Middle East, March has officially been declared the month of women.

To commemorate the celebrations, Cadillac, the world’s leading luxury automotive brand, has taken a bold, fashionable step by collaborating with Saudi entrepreneur and fashion editor Marriam Mossalli by launching  a series of photographs that have been included in a book titled Under the Abaya: Street Style from Saudi Arabia.

I had the pleasure of meeting Saudi Arabian fashion designer Daneh at the Galeries Lafayette Fashion Forward Pop Up Store event, where her A/W 2015 collection will be available for sale till 27th October.ffwd daneh saudi designer

I fell in love with her chic and sophisticated line of clothing. Daneh herself exudes the elegance of a refined lady who knows less is more, and she is the perfect name and face for her brand.

I had a chat with Daneh about her label, the challenge of being a Saudi designer, and fashion tips she lives by. Read on for more!