DANEH: The Saudi Designer Behind the Fashion Label

I had the pleasure of meeting Saudi Arabian fashion designer Daneh at the Galeries Lafayette Fashion Forward Pop Up Store event, where her A/W 2015 collection will be available for sale till 27th October.ffwd daneh saudi designer

I fell in love with her chic and sophisticated line of clothing. Daneh herself exudes the elegance of a refined lady who knows less is more, and she is the perfect name and face for her brand.

I had a chat with Daneh about her label, the challenge of being a Saudi designer, and fashion tips she lives by. Read on for more!

What inspired you to become a fashion designer? Did you do some formal training in the field?

I always have been interested in fashion, clothes, design etc. I first wanted to follow this passion by opening a multi-brand retail outlet, but the more i researched all the new brands, I realized what I really wanted to do was to design and create.

I did do some courses in fashion institutes in London thorough the years.

Tell us about the very first outfit you designed under the DANEH label.

The first item that was produced for the “DANEH” label was actually a grey over-sized sweatshirt that had an airtex stripe in aqua that went across the front, and i loved/love it!

When did the DANEH label first hit the runway?1

I did many showrooms and presentations, but the first runway was in April 2015.

You are a Saudi national. With obscured media-influenced views, many foreigners find it hard to believe Saudi Arabia has a fashion scene, let alone designers of their own. Please tell us about the fashion scene in KSA. Is it hard starting out as a designer in this conservative culture? Tell us about the fashion trends of Saudi Arabian women.

Saudi Arabia is a mix of cultures and  has great talent in many different forms . From traditional wear all the way to sportswear, Saudi women love to dress up and many women are extremely stylish.

And i think Saudi designers are starting to reflect this. When looking at the traditional clothing ; Abays have reached an entirely new level as have the kaftans or jalabiyas .1234

Designers are producing products that can be worn anywhere at any time of year. Evening wear is also very popular, but  i feel in the recent years there is more casual ready-to-wear designers coming out of Saudi.

As for being a scene … it exists but  lets say still in the making.

As for being conservative, to be honest that hasn’t effected me directly. Getting into fashion and starting a label is challenging no matter where you are and from. I could say more exposure is needed for the local fashion scene for sure, and more resources.

Which countries stock the DANEH label today? 12

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Lebanon.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years time?

Everywhere  🙂

Describe your own personal style.

Comfortable with a twist.


Please list 5 fashion items you cannot do without.

  • White tank top
  • White t-shirt
  • Nude heels
  • Oversized jeans
  • DANEH AW2015 white skirt and top set
  • And a bonus… leather cuff!

In your opinion, what are the 5 key wardrobe pieces every woman should own?

  • great pair of nude heels
  • white tank top
  • a cool par of statement jeans
  • black dress
  • a black skirt
  • red lipstick
  • DANEH AW2015 skirt and top set 😉