Hair Care Goodies from Bashara Care

#TrueStory A couple of weeks ago, we got a call from our building caretaker. He tells us that the apartment right under us has been complaining about leakage from their bathroom roof.

The culprit is our bathtub… whenever we shower, our neighbours get a spray-down of it too! Pretty grotesque, but what was even scarier was when the plumber came around.

Turns out the clogging in the bathtub drainage is equivalent to a heart-attack of sorts. The pipes, like clogged up arteries, gave way to a major piping breakdown… and it was cholesterol. It was my hair. 

Yes, slowly but surely I was shedding like a long-haired feline friend, and over time my receding hair count lead to major plumbing work (we are celebrating the installation of a brand new tub!). Perfect Halloween story… Happy 31st by the way!

This was a wake-up call of sorts. I am super finicky about my skincare regime, my makeup stash far exceeds the number of edibles in the pantry, yet I hardly invest in good hair care.

I scrolled the pages of my favorite online beauty store and the Dr. Hauschka Nourishing Hair Conditioner screamed out to me. I absolutely love this brand. While organic beauty may be the trend with beauty off-late, Dr. Hauschka has been around for over 5 decades. I’ve been using their skincare range since my late teens, but never have I tried anything for the hair.


Dr. Hauschka Nourishing Hair Conditioner Review

“Regenerative medicinal plant extracts from marshmallow, oak and nettle provide moisture and strengthen your scalp and hair. Wheat and milk proteins provide protection, elasticity and volume, and neem, macadamia nut and jojoba oils restore shine, vitality and manageability. The result: healthy, cared for hair with natural shine and vitality.” – Dr. Hauschka website.

This regenerative conditioner is designed for all hair types, and promises to give the hair a boost of moisture and natural shine.

My hair is dry, and has gone pretty lackluster with all that chemical dying. I shampoo twice a week, but use a hair conditioner every single day. I therefore run out of conditioner much faster!

I’ve been using this conditioner for a week now.  First off, this conditioner has quite a medicinal, almost herbal smell that you’d either love or hate. The scent does not last very long, and is barely noticeable once rinsed off.

The texture of this conditioner is really fluid and quite akin to a melted milkshake. Seeing this, I doubted it would deliver on the nourishing bit, and used a good three or four dollops more than necessary in my first round.

This conditioner has a cooling effect on the scalp, and I actually went back to read the label to see if it had any peppermint added on (none of that here, perhaps its the nettle). I quite liked this cooling, refreshing effect!

Once rinsed and towel-dried, I couldn’t see any significant change in my hair texture, and unlike many other conditioners that smooth out the hair, this one didn’t help with tangles either.

Given this is a certified organic hair conditioner, a 250 ml bottle for AED 77 can be considered good value for money, and would work well as a regular hair conditioning agent for a normal mane.

However, given my overly dry hair is calling out for some special TLC, this conditioner was sadly not rich enough for my liking.

Personally I would also prefer a hair product with a more lasting scent. The scent of this conditioner a little too herbal for me, and doesn’t last beyond the shower anyway.

On the plus side, it does seem to deliver on shine. My hair, especially when blow-dried after a shower and conditioning session, looks visibly glossier than usual.


The other product I bought from Bashara Care this month is the Sachajuan Volume Powder. 

Sachajuan Volume Powder Review

The Dr. Hauschka Nourishing Hair Conditioner may not have worked very well for me, but this wee 75 ml spray can was love at first spritz!

This must-have dry shampoo has a very refreshing floral scent, and in just 3 to 4 sprays, my limp, unwashed hair was transformed to a very refreshed, volume-amped mane.

The can is small enough to carry along for trips away, works instantly, and only costs AED 70.

This is a hair product I know I will be investing in again and again, and wish I had discovered it earlier, though the long, humid UAE summer.


Bashara Care really is a treasuretrove of great beauty bargains, and you get to explore many new brands. Their service is immaculate, and I’ve always received my orders within 24 hours of hitting the ‘go’ button.

Bashara Care delivers to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. Bashara Care promises next day (unless it’s a Friday) in the UAE! For other countries, expect a wait of 2 to 3 working days.

You can opt for cash on delivery, and even choose the style of gift box your goodies come in. To top it off, they also include a few sample sachets with each order. Happy shopping!