The Pancake House Launches in the UAE

The Pancake House is a much-loved cafe-style franchise from the Philippines, and UAE Kabayan will be thrilled to know we now have a branch of our very own in Burjuman, Dubai.

With retro-style quirky cool interiors and an enticing lineup of menu options, I was surprised to discover that, despite the name, Pancake House serves far more than just pancakes!

I was seated next to a Filipino journalist at the media opening last week, and he was telling me that their Beef Bolognese was ‘pure love’, its a flavor he’s grown up with. It was quite endearing to see so much emotion being associated with a dish. 

The Bolognese was cooked a perfect al-dente, and the portion size is huge enough to share between two. The beef was a tad bit too sweet for my liking, but many others on the table devoured this plateful.

Then there was a KFC-style deep-fried chicken that came with a sweet gravy (yes the Kabayan like a bit of sweet, even with their mains).

My favorite was their Chicken and Cheddar Tacos. The aged cheddar with the fresh salad and chicken made for a phenomenal flavor combination, and I finished mine in record time. The taco shell is super crisp and can be a challenge to eat daintily, and then I saw a lady who took her taco, and expertly smashed it all up on her plate and forked it up. Clever eating, sans the mess!

However, the highlight of our tasting session was the traditional pancakes. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten such fluffy, cloud-like pancakes before. And see that scoop on the top? That isn’t ice-cream… its whipped butter! Pure decadence, but worth every forkful.

We also had a very interesting lineup of drinks including Sago’t Gulaman, Buko Pandan Juice and Sweet Melon. The Sago’t Gulaman is a dessert in a glass, and like a watered down version of my favorite Filipino dessert, the Halo Halo. My favorite was the .Buko Pandan Juice. I love anything coconut milk based!

Post tasting, I can see why the Filipino community is so excited with the launch of Pancake House. The food here is absolutely divine, the pricing super reasonable, and to top it off, the portion sizes are enormous. I’ll be heading back soon to try out more of their pancake variations. Follow me on Instagram @thetezzyfiles for updates!