Scoopi Cafe: Dubai’s very own Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Parlor

It’s been so hot and muggy, that all I’m dreaming of is ice-cold desserts. But who needs hot weather to reinforce a love for ice-cream? This is especially so when it comes to Scoopi Cafe. Located on bustling Beach Road (Jumeirah), the small and sleek black signboard is a ‘blink and you miss it’.

But what makes this wee café stand out is its record-breaking expensive scoop, the highly coveted Black Diamond. At AED 2,999 per golden handcrafted cup, this ice-cream concoction has gone down as the World’s Most Expensive Ice-Cream. This pricey scoop is very clever marketing if you ask me, and has made this wee café a stop-over for wallet-heavy locals and tourists alike.

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“Our signature product is the Black Diamond. The most expensive ice cream in Dubai that comes with a price of 2,999 dirhams and it is served in a golden handcrafted bowl with a silver spoon. The Black Diamond is a liquid nitrogen ice cream with the taste of Madagascar Vanilla, flavored with world`s most expensive saffron imported from Iran, topped with slices of black truffles carefully selected from the finest cultivators in Alba, Italy and coated with edible gold powder and golden flakes of 23 carats.” –


But don’t let that price-heavy claim to fame scare you off. All their other innovative scoops fall around the AED 35 mark. From cult favorites like the Nutella and the Lotus to the not so common Chili and Rose, and the Pani Puri that comes with gelato chutney, Scoopi Café has every kind of sweet-tooth craving covered.


What makes Scoopi Café ice-cream unique? For one, it’s not served out of a freezer. Mastering the art of liquid nitrogen, every order here is actually created fresh, and from scratch!


My favorite flavor here has to be their Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice-Cream. I love the mix of salt with sweet, and the delicate hint of butter.

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My other favorite is their Lotus Ice-Cream. We were told this is made of pure Lotus paste and a splash of milk. The resulting scoop is so moreishly dense and packed with the Lotus biscuit flavor we have come to know and love.

scoppi cafe dubai jumeirah uae lotus ice cream liquid nitrogen dubai food blogger zomato blog


As a lover of all things spicy, I really love the green chili ice-cream here. But I guess patrons of the chili heat are rare, and therefore it is served with a larger scoop of lightly scented rose ice-cream. It looks so much more dramatic on the website though! We had it served in a cup, and with both scoops being a pale white, the fiery goodness sadly gets disguised.

chili rose ice cream scoopi cafe dubai uae jumeirah food blog


As for the Pani Puri, this is very much like the traditional Indian street-food we have come to know and love, only here the chutneys have been frozen gelato-style. I rather missed the fun of having liquid popping in my mouth, but then again having it ice-cold was also a novelty of its own.


Chocaholics will surely want to order the Chocolate Cup. Pure Madagascar Vanilla Ice-cream was served in our edible chocolate cup, but what I found a little perturbing was just how hard the chocolate was. I was hoping for a softer shell that would allow me to eat my melting chocolate with the vanilla scoop. It does look very Instagram-worthy though, and the mini Ferrero Rocher make for the perfect garnish.

edible chocolate cup ferrero rocher madagascar vanilla ice cream scoopi cafe dubai uae jumeirah dubai food blog zomato blogger the tezzy files


Looking for a scoop out of the ordinary? Do look up Scoopi Café. And I highly recommend the Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice-cream!


 Scoopi Cafe is located on Jumeriah Beach Road, Dubai. Call 800 SCOOPI(726674) for more details, or drop them an email on