VelaShape 3: First Session & First Impressions (MedStar, Dubai)  

I found myself in MedStar medical center (Bur Dubai, Dubai) yesterday. Rest assured I am in perfect health; this was a media visit to get a better rundown on the much coveted VelaShape 3 treatment. Here’s my Insta-story incase you missed it on @thetezzyfiles :


Although the ambiance at MedStar resembles a highly sanitized, white-washed clinic, the services provided here are more in tune with the beauty demands of our region than with general health. In the two years since its opening, MedStar has created quite a repute for their large inflow of internationally renowned celebrity nutritionists, plastic surgeons, dentists and the like, and also have a team of highly qualified locally based doctors.

MedStar is a specialized Day Surgery clinic, and specializes in aesthetic, anti-aging and wellness treatments. Their newest product is the VelaShape 3.


What is the VelaShape 3?

VelaShape 3 is an anti-cellulite body contouring treatment that uses specialized deep-heating technology by warming and melting away stubborn fat and cellulite. The treatment claims to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, tighten the laxity of the skin and thereby leave the skin looking years younger and beautifully contoured.


How Does VelaShape 3 Work?

 The VelaShape 3 machine comes with a hand-held device that transmits infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum technology that is used to target a deep heat treatment on targeted areas of the body.

The deep heat can go up to 42 degrees Celsius, and the vaccum effect on the given spot ensures the heat is transmitted deep into the fat cell layers, making them melt away and stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers that reduce the appearance of cellulite.


What Areas Can the VelaShape 3 Work on?

 ValaShape 3 can target stubborn fat and cellulite in the abdomen, the buttocks, thighs, flanks and the jawline.


Risks & Side Effects of the VelaShape 3 Treatment:

 Prior to getting a VelaShape 3 session done, it is very important to read up on the possible side effects, and you are obliged to sign a non-disclosure form as well.

My non-disclosure form warned me on the following side-effect possibilities:

  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Dry skin
  • Blisters and scabbing (more common for people with loose skin)


Tezzy’s Experience with the VelaShape 3 

Definitely not a regular with clinical treatments of any kind (be it invasive or non-invasive), I was a little hesitant to give this a go. But the staff at MedStar are so friendly, and so very professional. I was taken in for a standard health check prior to treatment, and my lovely therapist Grace went through the non-disclosure agreement with be step by step before I agreed to sign it.

MedStar gets a 5-star rating for service and hygiene. My room was stark white, sanitized yet comfortable enough with the room temperature adjusted to a med-low.

I already knew which area I wanted to target with the VelaShape 3… my stomach! I can’t even blame it on post-birth as my daughter is already 6. It has to be all those decadent sessions of food blogging, and my love for a sugar high at odd hours of the day. There’s plenty to work on here, bring it on!

My therapist Grace measured my circumference, and said they will compare it after session 2. I lie on the bed, and have a cold, colorless gel applied all over my abdomen. Grace tells me this is the VelaShape spray and that it helps the hand-held device glide over the skin easily, and also keeps the skin hydrated as the fat gets ‘cooked’.

Grace starts off the session with a lower temperature, and slowly works up to the 42 degrees. But it’s not the heat that gets me finicky; in that chilled, air-conditioned room, the warmth of the hand-held device felt reassuringly welcoming. It was the vacuum effect that got me… ticklish at certain points, and a little painful at others. I grinned and beared it by envisioning it to be a highly effective commercial cleaner, sucking out all that fat.

More gel is applied in interims to keep the skin hydrated from all that cooking. The gel has a very mild, pleasant floral scent.

Post-session, I feel a little sore in some points, and my skin is a little sticky with all that gel. I wipe off the access and realize I’ve come in wearing skinny jeans. Not the best attire to put your cooked tummy into right after a grueling session! I make a mental note to wear a comfy summer dress for my next appointment.

The evening after, and this very morning, I still have a few areas that feel sore. It feels like I might have bruises, but there are no signs of that. I think this is because I really took Grace’s advice seriously, and didn’t budge at all while being ‘vacuumed’. I also used very generous dollops of Aloe Vera gel all over my abdomen once home to cool down the warm skin (yes, it still felt a little warm, like a pre-fever warning, a few hours after the session). Aloe Vera is great as it acts as a natural coolant for the skin.

Another side effect since my treatment is a slight loss of appetite. I don’t know if it really is due to the treatment, but my tummy feels fuller and my cravings smaller. Hope this one lasts well into my second session! The very next evening post-treatment, I noticed my lower abdomen looked decidedly smaller in my fitted jeans. So exciting!

I am going for 3 sessions in total, and booked in my second session in two weeks’ time. Excited to see the results, so do stay tuned to this space!

Point to note: Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle and a sensible exercise regime. VelaShape 3 is a body contouring system, and not designed for reducing the numbers on the scale.


Do’s & Don’ts When Doing the VelaShape 3 Treatment:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You don’t want your clothing sticking to your freshly cooked fat area!
  • DON’T budge while the machine is on your body. Just holler out to your therapist. Moving while the vacuum is on the skin will guarantee you’ll bruise badly.
  • Avoid a hot shower post treatment. Be kind to the skin, and give it a gentle massage to stimulate the collagen regenerating process.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel. I am a strong advocate of Aloe Vera for post-sun exposure, and in this case, the skin has gone through even more intense heat. Aloe Vera will moisturize the skin, and prevent it from getting dry and flakey.
  • If you want it to work, you have to commit to atleast 3 to 5 sessions. Sit down with a qualified practitioner, get your target area examined and then take a call.



How Many Sessions of VelaShape 3 do you need?

You need to commit to atleast 3 to 5 sessions to see results. Sessions can be spaced out by two weeks.


How Long is One Session?

A typical VelaShape 3 session can run anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, and you are good to go right after. My abdominal session took just over 30 minutes. A VelaShape 3 session can therefore easily be accommodated for within a lunch break.


How Much Does the VelaShape 3 Treatment Cost?

 One VelaShape 3 session costs around AED 600 depending on the area in question. For more details, get in touch with MedStar, and visit their website for more information on their other packages:

For more information on VelaShape 3, visit their website