Beauty Review: 100% Organic Eye Serum by WoMn Cosmetics

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It’s one thing to have a loving husband who buys you all the beauty products you crave for, and another to have one who creates an entire brand of gorgeous, certified organic skincare under your name! Proudly a UAE product, this is the real-life story of Goran and Nena, the talented husband and wife duo behind Abu Dhabi-based WoMn Cosmetics.


In 2015 Goran, a Master of Pharmacy graduate from Croatia with over 16 years of work experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, decided to experiment with creating his very own skincare concoctions at home. He lovingly called his range WoMn Cosmetics, as ‘WoMn’ stands for ‘Wife of Mine Nena’. What a lucky girl Nena is!


All the products in this range are made of organic-certified oils, and loaded with natural beauty goodness. I was sent this wee bottle of WoMn Cosmetics Eye Serum a month ago, my very first WoMn product! And wanted to share an honest review on how I found it.


What is the WoMn Cosmetics Eye Serum?

An under-eye moisturizer made of high-quality organic essential oils known for their skin-loving properties.

“A beautiful combination full of essential fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin E and skin regenerating oils. With Centella for nice tissue drainage, wrinkles and dark circles reducing and Tamanu oil for soothing and calming the skin.” –


Product Claim:

  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Smooths the under-eye area
  • Removes puffiness
  • Adds glow to the skin
  • Combats dark circles


Key Ingredients:

  • Organic Rosehip Oil: to protect and diminish blemishes.
  • Centella Extract: To stimulate collagen production, firm and regenerate the skin.
  • Wheatgerm Oil: To protect against skin-harming free radicals.
  • Tamanu Oil: To calm and hydrate the skin.


Tezzy’s Experience with the WoMn Cosmetics Eye Serum:

At first look, the packaging is very basic, very lab-like. The serum comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper application, and has a white and black label stuck across it, like  a special BFF has made you a bottle after one too many hours on Pinterest.


But in its very simplicity lies the beauty of the brand. WoMn Cosmetics truly is a home-made, hand-made range (although the hand-made bit might change as they are under negotiations with some European corps right now). It is rare to find such gems in a sea of commercial marketing noise that is the UAE. And best of all, its made of 100% natural, organic-certified ingredients right in our very own capital city of Abu Dhabi!


As a mixer of essential oils myself, I know how expensive it can get if you were to play around and make all your combinations and permutations at home. Leave it to an expert like Goran. Afterall, he’s a trained pharmacist with solid knowledge on what goes into the making of great skincare.


Now, coming back to the WoMn Cosmetics Eye Serum… the serum is more like a thick oil, rather than the creamy, gel-like serums I’ve used in the past. It has a strong plant-like scent which I am assuming is mainly from the tamanu oil. I don’t mind it much, but it may not work well for those with a more sensitive sense of smell.


The serum/oil has a bright yellow coloring thanks to the addition of Rosehip oil. It leaves a faint yellowness when first applied to the skin, but it fades in no time. The oil itself is rather rich, and one drop out of the dropper is more than enough. As it is an oil, it doesn’t really soak into the skin and has a greasy after-feel that takes a good half hour or so to subside.

It therefore does not sit well under makeup, and doesn’t go well as a day look. Best to reserve it for your nighttime beauty regime.

This is a very rich serum, and therefore one drop is sufficient for both the under-eyes.

After a month of regular night-time use, my under-eyes definitely look more nourished, moisturized and smoothed out. I am a night owl, and was hoping it would help my darkening circles. This serum is not a lightening agent, but as it is rich in natural goodness, it did wonders for the quality of my under-eye skin, and in turn made my bags less visible.

If you are looking for a high quality under-eye product loaded with organic goodness, this is the serum for you. With regular use, it can definitely do wonders for tired, aging skin. And at AED 90 a bottle, this product is an absolute steal!


Why You Need to Buy this Serum:

  • Support a locally born brand!
  • Loaded with organic-certified natural goodness.
  • My under-eye area definitely looks and feels tighter and smoother one month on.
  • As it is an all-natural product, you can multi-use it for other purposes too! Some ladies use it to diminish blemishes on the face, I’ve used it on my dry cuticles.
  • At AED 90 ml a 10 ml bottle (that will easily last you a good 3-4 months given the product richness), this product is great value for money.


The Not So Good:

  • This serum is high on oil content, and does not sit well under makeup. Best to hold off till bedtime.
  • It has a very earthy, plant-based smell that may not go down well with many people. Thankfully it diminishes a few minutes after application.
  • The product claims to work on dark circles, but didn’t help much in that respect.


Product Pricing & Availability:

The WoMn Cosmetics Eye Serum retails for AED 90 for a 10ml bottle. You can buy it on their online store: