‘Avo on Toast’ at Pantry Cafe

One of my all-time favorite comfort foods has to be Avo on Toast. I love smashed avocado on a slice of rye, sprinkled with salt and pepper. On other occasions, I add a poached egg to make the meal all the more substantial, but never have I had it the way they do it in Pantry Cafe.



Pantry Cafe has long been my recluse from a crazy, stressed out day at work. It’s just a few minute’s drive from the office, and has the perfect chic cafe ambiance for catching up with the girlfriends.

We sip on their healthful smoothies and juxtapose the superfood overload with crisp, golden fries. They also do a wicked Soy Latte here that I’d highly recommend. However, my all-time favorite item off the Pantry Cafe menu has to be their Avocado on Toast.

The Avo on Toast here is phenomenally delicious. A very generous, well-seasoned  load of creamy, smashed avocado sits on a toasted piece of brown bread. To add texture and a hint of fresh zing to the bite, thin slices of green and red tomatoes have been added in. But the best bit sits right at the top… a decadently salty slice of grilled Halloumi cheese!

The salty Halloumi crumbles as I fork into the avocado, and adds a whole new dimension of cheesy creaminess to the dish. Who would have thought that adding a slice of local goodness can elevate this much-loved global combo to such heights? Absolute genius Pantry Cafe! You’ve got me hooked.

My local Pantry Cafe on Al Wasl Road Jumeirah is currently undergoing renovations. Yearning for their Avo on Toast all week, please reopen soon!