South African fine-dining cafe and diner concept Walnut Grove has opened its second store in Dubai. Their first branch is located in CityWalk, and their newer and arguably more prominent location is in the heart of The Dubai Mall, right by the waterfalls.

The savvy, brightly lit cafe looks delightfully inviting with its Parisian-inspired interiors but the real highlight of the new branch is its spacious outdoor seating area that boasts of a stunning view of the Dubai Fountains and the mighty Burj Khalifa.


I have a special link with More Cafe. When I first landed in the UAE ten years ago, I started working in for the Al Tayer Group in Garhoud, Dubai. To celebrate my joining the marketing team, my colleagues took me to lunch at More Cafe.

Suffering from home-sickness and missing the cafe culture of New Zealand, I immediately struck a cord with the welcoming vibes of the place and its naughty freshly-baked treats. Sadly the Garhoud branch closed down three years ago, but to my delight they now have a brand new branch at Murooj Duplex (bang opposite The Dubai Mall).

“Where will I meet you?” At The Coffee Club ofcourse! With an affiliative tagline like that, this Aussie café chain has taken the global casual eating scene by storm! But don’t get fooled by the name, they have far more to offer here than coffee.


I don’t know about you, but I love a hearty, healthful breakfast… and can have it at any point in time through the day. There seems to be a dearth of restaurants offering all-day breakfasts in Dubai, and the ones that do have a pretty limited menu. Not the case at The Coffee Club! Infact, they’ve expanded their options under a new lineup entitled ‘The Chef’s Table’. Here is what I tried from the brand new menu:

One of my all-time favorite comfort foods has to be Avo on Toast. I love smashed avocado on a slice of rye, sprinkled with salt and pepper. On other occasions, I add a poached egg to make the meal all the more substantial, but never have I had it the way they do it in Pantry Cafe.



Pantry Cafe has long been my recluse from a crazy, stressed out day at work. It’s just a few minute’s drive from the office, and has the perfect chic cafe ambiance for catching up with the girlfriends.

We sip on their healthful smoothies and juxtapose the superfood overload with crisp, golden fries. They also do a wicked Soy Latte here that I’d highly recommend. However, my all-time favorite item off the Pantry Cafe menu has to be their Avocado on Toast.

BoxPark Dubai has become a bit of a dining institution in the city. Who would have thought that creating a whole lineup of retail space using discarded shipping containers can turn so iconic? #OnlyInDubai if you ask me!

BoxPark houses some of Dubai’s most happening eateries and quirky fashion labels, and is especially enjoyable given the lovely alfresco weather we are enjoying right now. But who would have thought that a topnotch, fine-dining restaurant (that too, very stiffed collared and French!) can open inside a box?! With gilded walls and cascading chandeliers, Café Des Artistes is BoxPark’s newest ‘kid on the block’. We had the pleasure of dining there a week into its opening, and the place was already overflowing with enthusiastic diners.


The Brass (at CityWalk Phase 2, Dubai) takes coffee very seriously. On their counters is a display of fragile coffee apparatus that would be more fitting in the labs of a mad scientist. They even have rustic jute coffee sacks in the background, and quirky coffee quotes on the wall. The ambiance is all at once welcoming, chilled out and artsy. Everything here seems to be washed in an amber hue, so befitting of the cafe’s name.

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Leopold’s of London: Named after a fabled wanderer who sourced spices and teas from around the globe and later opened shop in London, this gourmet cafe-style eatery located on The Beach JBR boasts of stunning views of the Dubai shoreline.

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What better way to break fast than witnessing the mellowing sunset on this scenic shoreline canvas, with the silhouetto of The Palm Jumeirah in the backdrop? We had the pleasure of breaking our very first fast this Ramadan at Leopold’s of London, and had the very memorable experience indeed.

When it comes to ice-creams, Scoopi Café has upped the game from child’s play to designer dreams. Living in Dubai, you get used to everything big, bling and exorbitant, and just when we thought we’ve seen and heard it all, Scoopi Cafe’s founder and owner, Zubin Doshi creates headlines with Scoopi’s Black Diamond Ice-Cream.

scoopi black diamond the worlds most expensive ice cream
Image taken from the City Dubai website


Priced at AED 2,999 a scoop, this has to be the world’s most expensive ice-cream indulgence! The Black Diamond has an exotic Madagascar vanilla ice-cream base. It is infused with the world’s most expensive Iranian saffron and ‘black diamond’ black truffles, and garnished with 23 carat edible gold. If that wasn’t enough, this dreamy, elite blend is aptly served in a designer Versace bowl along with a matching designer spoon which the buyer can take home as a keepsake.

Here I am, back at my office desk after an indulgently good 3-day weekend. The last three days have been brimming with Christmas cheer, delicious treats and over-sleeping.

On Christmas eve, we crawled out of bed just past noon, and had a major craving for a hearty brunch. Being avid foodies, both Hubby and I were game on trying out a completely new place. We’ve heard many good things about Crumble All Day Eatery (aka Crumble Café), and decided to drive down to check them out.

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As a true blue foodie, I relish the adventure of discovering new places to eat, and my walkathon across The Dubai Mall last weekend was no exception.

The Dubai Mall, for those of you not familiar with the UAE, has been listed under the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest number of retailers under one roof. You can therefore imagine the size of the place… its humongous! And its a great place to window-shop and burn them calories while you’re at it!