A Hearty Meal at The Coffee Club

“Where will I meet you?” At The Coffee Club ofcourse! With an affiliative tagline like that, this Aussie café chain has taken the global casual eating scene by storm! But don’t get fooled by the name, they have far more to offer here than coffee.


I don’t know about you, but I love a hearty, healthful breakfast… and can have it at any point in time through the day. There seems to be a dearth of restaurants offering all-day breakfasts in Dubai, and the ones that do have a pretty limited menu. Not the case at The Coffee Club! Infact, they’ve expanded their options under a new lineup entitled ‘The Chef’s Table’. Here is what I tried from the brand new menu:

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This is essentially an upgrade to your usual Eggs Benedict, this delicious plateful features a whole pileup of avocado and feta mash, slices of spiced beef chorizo and a creamy tahini-chili base, served on a multigrain bloomer. You can have your eggs done however you like it, but I would suggest going for as runny as possible. There’s something magically delicious about having all that gooey egg yolk dribble down the plate!

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The all-day breakfasts clubbed with a piping hot cup of cappuccino is enough to have me going on a regular day, but this was a review so ofcourse we had to have a round of starters.

We had the Chicken Wings, deep-fried a golden brown and served with barbeque sauce. I found these a little lacking in the spice quotient, but that’s just me… I like my wings hot!

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Then there was the Date & Pomegranate Salad, a toss-up of assorted greens, pomegranate rubies and wedges of date sweetness. The salad was brought together with this absolutely delicious tangy-sweet dressing… I was so tempted to just pick up that bowl and lap it up! If you are ordering a full-course, I highly recommend this salad as a satiating side-dish.

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Given the heat of a UAE summer, The Coffee Club menu has an enticing lineup of very Instagram-worthy shakes. We got sip-happy with the gorgeous Raspberry Shake and the even more delightful Creme Brulee Frappe. Chocaholics rejoice; you can have a chocolate version of the Rasberry Shake as well.

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If you’re in for a hearty meal, The Coffee Club has a whole selection of healthful, satiating dishes. To my surprise, my carnivorous Hubby ordered salmon! This is The Coffee Club’s Salmon Nicoise Pesto; a delicately grilled steak of salmon sitting atop a bed of modern-day Nicoise salad, and smothered in fresh pesto. The salmon was so succulently moist and cooked the perfect shade of blush pink, that I found myself reaching out to the Hubster’s plate with my fork.

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For Ramadan, The Coffee Club introduced a brand new addition to their dessert menu; a modern twist on the classic Emirati favorite, the Balaleet. Essentially a toasted brioche stuffed with creamy cheese, sprinkled in a thick layer of cinnamon icing and topped with vermicelli and egg, it is served with a thick, sweet caramel syrup on the side. The Coffee Club’s rendition of the classic treat was so popular, that is has now become a staple on the menu. The serving size is huge, and can easily suffice between a group of four.

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The Coffee Club is a deceptive name. This delightful nook in the heart of Al Wasl Vita is anything but your everyday coffee corner. With a hearty menu brimming with decadently healthful choices, you can choose to have a quick bite or lounge here with friends (or solo on the laptop) for hours. The interiors are semi-dim, bistro-savvy and welcoming. The Coffee Shop has everything you’d ever want in a neighborhood hangout joint, so… Where will I meet you? At The Coffee Club ofcourse!


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