I was invited to the grand opening of Cafe Barbera at Uptown Mirdiff Mall (Dubai) last Saturday. Originating from Trentola Ducenta in South Italy, Cafe Barbera started its humble beginnings in 1870 where the Barbera family sold coffee out of a car.

Today, Cafe Barbera has over 53 outlets across the globe, and has a devoted fan following from coffee addicts who want the real Italian deal.

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The ribbon cutting ceremony was carried out by Mr. & Mrs. Mughrabi (Franchise Owners) , Giovanni Favilli (Italian Consul General in Dubai) and Enrico Barbera (CEO and Co-Founder of Café Barbera) on 26th September, 2015.

Much has changed in Palmerston North, the little township of New Zealand I fondly call home. The bustling Broadway Ave is a ghost of its former self with big retail giants like Farmers moving into the grotesquely expanding mall, The Plaza. About a decade ago, the city center of Palmerston North spread beyond The Plaza, and I quite miss the charm of walking about town for my weekly dose of retail therapy.

Although the town looks shuffled with old favorites gone, and newbies playing trumps with bigger, brighter and newer signage, a few of my favorite foodie haunts have managed to survive the tests of time.

Here are 3 must-try places for foodies visiting Palmerston North:

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Mochi, Japan’s beloved sweet treat, is a rice cake made of glutinous sticky rice. The cake is traditionally stuffed with a sweetened red-bean paste, and has an entire festival dedicated to its making. Mochitsuki is the Japanese festival where glutinous rice is communally pounded in preparation for making mochis for New Year. Edo Café plays on tradition, and has as many as 15 varieties of the traditional mochi. edo cafe citywalk dubai