Casa Mia: Wine & Dine the Italian Way

Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Centre (conveniently located near Dubai International Airport), is one of the oldest hospitality institutions of the city and also happens to be a treasure trove of foodie finds.

One such gem is Casa Mia. Aptly translating to ‘my home’, I absolutely love the cottage-inspired interiors of this space. The service is topnotch, the wine selection immaculate and above all, the food here is incredibly ‘delizioso’.


After settling into our table, we were served a large basket of freshly baked, complimentary breads.


Loved having the breads with the very fresh Italian Burratina.



From their wine selection, I got introduced to the Chateau De Selle Domaines Ott. Fresh and vibrantly fruity, and especially so right out of a bucket of ice, this Italian white wine is an absolute treat and added merriment to our date night at Casa Mia.



From their menu, my favorites include the Polpo Grigliato (octopus with smoked eggplant and polenta) and the very satiating, rich and creamy Tortelli de Patate (a superior form of regular potato-filled gnocchi that includes a stuffing of veal and generously large shavings of black truffle).

Casa Mia’s Polpo Grigliato
Casa Mia’s Tortelli De Patate

Being an avid meat eater, Hubby absolutely devoured Casa Mia’s moreishly succulent, juicy serving of Panfried Veal Scallop with Mushroom Sauce.



My little cherub nibbled her way through a Casa Mia Margarita Pizza; quite a feat for this absolutely picky eater!


To satiate the sweet-tooth, nothing quite compares to their cloud-like Tiramisu.



However, the star dessert of the night was Casa Mia’s Tarturfo Ice-Cream, a liqueur-infused treat encrusted with hazelnuts, this treat, in my opinion,  is a grown-up’s version of Ferrero Rocher!



My husband is not a huge fan of Italian, yet at Casa Mia he too was giving out appreciative vocals with every forkful! The ambiance, the charmingly chic interiors, the wine selection and an absolutely ‘delizioso’ lineup of menu options… Casa Mia is a sacred tribute to Italian cuisine as we know it. A must-try foodie destination where I am bound to turn into a regular.