Singaporean cuisine is beautifully complex. It is rather unique from general ‘Asian’ food in that their flavors and spice mixes are inspired from the conglomerative cultures of the country; namely Malay, South Asian, East Asian and Eurasian.

Despite the endless number of foodie options in the city of Dubai, we’ve been pretty restricted when it comes to Singaporean dining options. Sure a chili crab may feature in a menu or two, but what if you wanted an entire Singaporean experience?

Great news! Iconic Singaporean restaurant Kim’s has opened doors in picturesque Al Seef Dubai. 

The French are famous for their desserts, and living in Dubai, we are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of high-quality patisseries. One of my personal favorites has always been Dalloyau. With a deep-rooted French history dating back to 1682, Dalloyou was created for the bourgeoisie, the upper class of Paris who demanded a distinct quality and taste.

Dalloyau has always been one of my favorite spots for an indulgent sweet treat. I have frequented their branches in Deira City Centre, Mirdiff City Centre and Mall of the Emirates. However, I have only recently sat at Dalloyau for a complete meal. Our lunch at the Mirdiff City Centre branch last week proved to me that Dalloyau is far more than a patisserie for desserts.

Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Centre (conveniently located near Dubai International Airport), is one of the oldest hospitality institutions of the city and also happens to be a treasure trove of foodie finds.

One such gem is Casa Mia. Aptly translating to ‘my home’, I absolutely love the cottage-inspired interiors of this space. The service is topnotch, the wine selection immaculate and above all, the food here is incredibly ‘delizioso’.


When I walked into The Cavendish, exuding the charms of old-school grandeur (white starched linen, immaculate tableware, a grand piano… the works!), I felt rather out of place. There I was in my ‘Boho meets Soccer Mummy’ getup, a breezy floral tunic paired with super-comfy slacks, when I really should have donned my pearls, red lippie and LBD.

Google has a major part to blame for this wardrobe malfunction. You see, I usually do a Google scan before I visit a new place, and this time round, this trusty search engine spat out a very colourful room that resembles a play pen: Picture16.jpg


When we walked into Yalumba for brunch last Friday, I saw a few tables decorated with balloons and festive streamers. ‘What a lovely day to celebrate a birthday’ I thought. And then as I walked on further, I realized the party vibes were spread throughout the venue. Everyone had balloons and streamers, and fun party props! This looked like just the place to be to start off the weekend on party mode!

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Yalumba is an eclectic Australian restaurant located on the Ground Floor of Le Meridien Hotel (Airport Road, Dubai). We tried out Yalumba’s Bubbly Brunch, which runs from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm every Friday, and starts from AED 499 per person inclusive of house beverages and champagne. 

Fuego translates to ‘fire’ in Mexican, and is the aptly chosen name for Souk Al Bahar’s contemporary fine-dining Mexican restaurant. I am always game for a Mexican fare, what’s not to love about spiced up taco pockets stuffed with spiced up beef, and loaded with guacamole and cheese? At Fuego, I learnt there is far more to Mexican cuisine than street-food equivalent tacos.

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