Busaba Eathai: A Modern Take on Thai Cuisine for Every Palate

When asked what my favorite style of cuisine is, my eminent answer, with no hint of hesitation, has always been Thai. I love their flamboyant mix of exotic spices, the heat of their fiery red chili, the pungency of fish sauce, and the aromatic whiff of lemongrass. Many a time when I am out with friends, not everyone in the group shares my love for Thai. In those instances, I am thankful for food-courts, although the hit of ‘Thai-ness’ fails in comparison to a well established Thai restaurant.

Imagine my thrill when Busaba Eathai invited us in for a tasting of their new menu additions! Busaba Eathai has never been stoically traditional, but offer more bistro-style Thai dishes that cater to a wider global audience. Click here for my previous review. However, if you are like me and love it hot and pungent, they can crank up the heat any way you like! And if you are with friends who claim to detest Thai, you might just make a convert of them here.

Here is a look at some of the tantalizing new menu additions that will surely be a hit with even the pickiest of diners:

Deep Fried Prawns: What is a Thai meal without a crispy seafood starter? These crisp, golden-brown beauties are made even tastier with the mildly spiced dip that comes on the side.


Thai Calamari: This is a dish of lightly battered and fried calamari laced with the subtle heat of green peppercorn and ginger, my all-time favorite starter at Busaba Eathai!


Duck Buns: A brand new addition to the Busaba Eathai menu, this was one of my favorites from the tasting session! These absolutely soft, spongy white buns are stuffed with shredded duck meat that has been tossed in a very flavorful tamarind sauce. A few shards of crunchy greens adds texture to every bite. An absolute explosion of flavors!


Char-Grilled Tiger Prawns: Tiger prawns with a hint of charred smokiness, and brought to life with a pungent Thai chili dip on the side.


Thai Lemonade: I found respite from all that greasy goodness in our appetizers round with refreshing sips of a rather tangy Thai lemonade.



Seafood Pad Thai: A Thai classic that Busaba Eathai delivers to perfection every time!



Char-Grilled Ribeye Beef: How tantalizing does this dish look?! Busaba Eathai has added a Grilled section to their menu, and this beefy delight is listed here. The meat is absolutely falling off the bone, and the staff tell me it has been marinating for over 24 hours. It comes with a deep, robust tamarind sauce on the side, and is a must-try for all beef lovers.



Char-Grilled Lamb Chops: Yet another brand new addition under the Grilled section of the Busaba Eathai menu, these lamb chops were unanimously the favorite dish on our table! Succulently moist and marinated to perfection, this is one platter you really don’t want to share. It comes with a mesclun salad on the side that has been tossed in a tangy dressing, a  refreshing respite from all that meaty goodness.




Mango Sticky Rice Pudding: We ended our tasting session with this Thai classic. My daughter ate up most of my mango slices, so I had to make do with the warm, creamy coconut cream on rice!



Busaba Eathai is located on the scenic strip of JBR, and is still the only Thai restaurant in the vicinity. Given we are now well and truly into alfresco dining weather, you can take advantage of their expansive patio for an idle lunch with stunning views of the beach.

If you love Thai, visit Busaba Eathai. Even if you are not that into Thai, their modern take on Thai cuisine is sure to win you over… and don’t forget to order those lamb chops!

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