Sensation Dubai: At the World’s Greatest Dance Party

I was at Sensation Dubai this Friday night, the world’s biggest dance party! Set at the Desert Dome at the rather elusive Bab Al Shams arena, getting to the venue was an adventure in itself. We had a pair of deluxe tickets that gave us access to the exclusive buffet and bar, and we managed to get a cosy table with spectacular views of the stage.
Every New Year, the fireworks at Burj Khalifa manage to make works headlines but being the claustrophobic that I am, I have never ventured there for a fear of the crowds. Sensation Dubai’s opening act must come pretty close to the epic fireworks; the stage, the lighting, and the spectacular show of lights looks like something from outer space!


With a strict all-white dress code, I have to say I struggled! Being a total boho at heart, my wardrobe consists of psychedelic color combinations screaming out for more sober additions. My final ensemble was still rather boho… I picked up this laced maxi dress off the sales shelf at Debenhams, a real bargain at AED 100. I carried a plain white shawl for the evening chill, and added one of my favorite Afghani silver statement necklaces to give it a touch of ‘Tezzyness’.
Thank-you for this pic of me and hubby!
My husband struggled to put together an all-white ensemble too and finding a pair of white men’s jeans proved to be a major task for him. I was therefore very curious to see how everyone else at Sensation were dressed. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to stick to the dress code, top to bottom! However, the choices of attire differed greatly. From formal gowns all through to super casual gym-style shorts and tees, the white code was exploited in every shape and form. Yet somehow, seeing a sea of white adds unity to the vibe and reflected back all the magical lighting of the show.
If you are a fan of the all-white look, you have to check out the special lineup by Sensation’s title sponsor, the very talented fashion designer Kristina Fidelskya.  

The deluxe ticket gave us access to an unlimited buffet and bar. The buffet had live stations from around the world, the most popular bring the Arabic station where skewers of kebabs were being grilled on the spot.

Entry was open from 6 pm, and the party took off with flying sparks around 8. I always find it interesting to watch people dance. Everybody has their own unique dance step. A group of young men a table ahead of us started off with energetic hand waves, in sync with the music. A cushy couple snuggled up , swaying in unison, and those who managed to spend a little more time at the bar area were going insane with high-flying jump moves.
And the music? Oh the music! With a lineup of some of the world’s best DJ’s, the crowd was united in a trance of rhythmic beats.


Who’s going to drive over 70 kilometers into the desolate desert for a dance party? Why, over 15,000 party animals ofcourse! Sensation Dubai had the magic of fireworks, the jaw-dropping performances of acrobats who would put Cirque de Soleil to shame, and the music… an endless lineup of catchy, hip-swaying beats brought to life by some of the world’s best DJ’s. In all, an absolutely spectacular show that is well worth the ticket tag.