Nindi: The Traditional Bindi Revamped

The tradition of wearing a Bindi, the ceremonial red dot worn by women of the Indian subcontinent, originates from ancient Hindu beliefs. The word ‘Bindi’ is derived from the Sanskrit ‘Bindu‘, or ‘point’. In Hinduism, this point on the forehead (right between the eyebrows), is considered the sacred spot from where creation begins.

Traditionally, round red bindis were worn by married women to signify their marital status. Over time, the humble bindi has surpassed religious significances, and has gone on to become a besotted ethnic accessory that comes in many colours and shapes.

I recently got introduced to the very talented Ninorah Fernandes, founder and creator of Nindi. A clever brand name that incorporates the bindi with her very own name, the Nindi range takes inspiration from all across the globe and best of all, they can be reused time and time again. They even have Hamsa Nindis! Ninorah gives us more insight into her innovative brand, read on for more!


Nindis: An Introduction by Ninorah Fernandes

As a woman who’s passionate about her ethnic wear, I was always on the lookout for ornaments or trinkets that would accentuate the Indian ensemble. Something that would add a touch of glamour and complement an outfit, something small…something understated….a bindi.


Strangely enough, through my travels across cities both in and outside India, I was unable to find any bindi that was unique, could be reused without comprising its quality or something that was a little more than a piece of cloth or paper on the forehead. So I decided why not bring to life what I have envisioned and wanted my bindi to be and so was born ‘Nindi’, a one of a kind bindi made using a wide range of products including silver, Swarovski crystals and many more.


Each design is unique and a testament to my love for different cultures so whether it’s a Buddha, Hand of Hamsa, Ganesha or even an Ohm, every single bindi is uniquely crafted with attention to the most intricate details that will allow it to be used over and over without diminishing its natural shape or form.

I have been lucky to already have a modest but loyal customer base that spans across USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and India and I am hoping to now reach out to the fashion savvy community in UAE.

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