Numaish Festive Fair: Anita Kanwal, From Showbiz to Fashion Design

Just three more sleeps before the Numaish Festive Fair! Scheduled to take place this coming Friday 23rd September till the late hours of Saturday 24th at Hotel Conrad (Dubai), the fair is a must-visit for shopaholics who are on the lookout for something uniquely different.

One prominent designer who will be showcasing her wares at the fair is Anita Kanwal. Best known for her endless list of Bollywood appearances and also a major hit on the Indian television screen, Anita has always been known for her immaculate sense of dressing.

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It is therefore only natural she ventured into the world of fashion. I had a little chitchat with her on the eve of the Numaish Festive Fair.

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

For 30 years I have been in the glamour industry as an actor, and fashion and glamour go hand in hand. I have always taken interest in styling for the various characters that I played. This became my journey towards designing.


Tell us more about the latest collection that you are showcasing at Numaish.

For Dubai, I am getting a lot of Dhoti Sarees, Sun Sign shirts in lucky colours and Capes as people living abroad are not very comfortable draping a saree. Having said that I cannot refrain from showcasing my latest Saree designs which are based on musical instruments.

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What are the key inspirations behind this collection?

Music has always been my way of meditating had I not been an actor I would have definitely been a singer. It is this love for music which inspired me to make a collection that has musical instruments. Musical instruments made on Sarees using hand crafted techniques like hand painting, block printing and embroideries.


How does Indian fashion stand out from the rest of the world?

India has a deep cultural heritage which is an integral part of Indian Fashion. Every state of India has some unique fabric or design which can be incorporated into any garment while designing the bandani’s and lehariya’s from Rajasthan. The pochampally,Ikaths from Hyderabad the banarasi from Banaras……….This list is endless!


Where do you see Indian fashion in the next five years?

Indian fashion has taken the world be storm in the last decade. We had Kate Middleton wearing an Indian dress which was really appreciated all over the world. Indian fashion will keep surging ahead in the next decade also.

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In your opinion, how does the fashion scene of the UAE differ from the rest of the world?

Style in the UAE is a blend of culture and couture. If there is any place in the world that can afford and carry designer wear is the UAE and at the same time they are so deep rooted in their tradition, that balance becomes the key when it comes to style.


Please list 5 key wardrobe essentials for an Indian wardrobe.

First and foremost:

  1. A saree
  2. A traditional suit
  3. A jutti
  4. A jhumka
  5. A red bindi


What are 5 of your can’t live without fashion items from your own wardrobe?

  1. saree
  2. kurti with pallazos/sharara
  3. my chand balis
  4. bindi
  5. my nose ring


Please list 5 fashion essentials for Autumn/Winter 2016.

  1. Velvet stoles
  2. Capes that can be worn with anything
  3. Pashmina shawls with zardosi work
  4. Velvet sarees
  5. jutti


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What do you have in store for 2017? 

I am a designer who designs on instincts wherever my instinct takes me in 2017 I will follow it and surprise the world.


What are the key trends to look out for in the coming months?

Flowing capes a lot of velvet as the winter is approaching innovative styles of sarees draping.


Look out for Anita Kanwal at the Numaish Festive Show! Visit Hotel Conrad on the weekend of 23rd and 24th September.

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