#OnMyFace The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

Wearing makeup to achieve a ‘no makeup’ look may sound like a major paradox, but the whole idea behind it is to enhance your natural features. There is something very refreshingly youthful about minimalist makeup. It gives the wearer a sense of carefree confidence, an ‘I woke up looking like this’ feeling we would all love to achieve.

As with anything to do with makeup, there is no right or wrong way at achieving this look. Do what works best for you. Here are a few pointers that may help you with the ‘No Makeup’ makeup look:

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5 Tips for Achieving the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

  1. It’s All About the Base: First off, moisturize! We are aiming for supple, dewy youthful skin here so banish dry, flaky skin by drinking lots of water and keep the skin hydrated with a good moisturizing face cream. Skip heavy, full-coverage foundations and opt for a lighter coverage product such as a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream.
  2. Get your ‘Brow Game’ right: For this look, we are keeping the eyes pretty bare. Wear an eye-shadow close to your natural lid shade, and open up the eyes with a coat or two of mascara. Let the brows do the talking here. The brows frame the face, and its important to keep them in good shape. Youthful brows are never over-plucked, so maintain your natural shape by only getting at the strays. Enhance the shape of your brows with a good quality brow filler in a shade that is close to your natural brow coloring (wearing too dark a brow colour can look rather tacky).
  3. The Youthful Flush: Give you cheeks a pinch. Now use a blush that closely resembles your natural blush shade. Remember not to overdo it.
  4. You Glow Girl! Nothing looks quite as youthful as glowing skin. Fake it with a high quality highlighter, and become a strobing pro! For more tips on strobing and where to apply highlighter, click here.
  5. Lip Talk: Avoid loud, bright lipstick shades for this look. A neutral nude, a dusky rose or a pale pastel would work best for this look.


Tezzy’s ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

Here is how I like to do my ‘no makeup’ makeup 🙂

how to do the no makeup makeup look beauty tutorial by the tezzy files dubai beauty blog uae blogger.jpg

To achieve this look, I used the following:

  • For the base: After moisturizing with my regular face cream, I used the very multi-tasking Gosh BB Cream. It is a moisturizer, BB cream and foundation all rolled into one and even has an SPF of 15.
  • On my brows: I used the Mocha shade from the Hi Impact Brows palette.
  • On my lids:I used the Spice shade from the Hi Impact Brows palette.
  • On my lashes: I am wearing the No7 Lash Impact Intense Volume Control mascara from Boots.
  • On my cheeks: I used the Benefit Coralista Blush.
  • To highlight: I strobed my face using The Balm’s Marylou Manizer.
  • On my lips: I am wearing the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge liquid lip colour in the shade 2 Rosewood. I love the long-lasting power of this liquid lipstick, yet it does feel a little dry on the lips. To eliminate the dryness, I use the clear gloss that comes with it as a top coat.

The ‘no makeup’ makeup look is very quick and easy, and perfect for everyday wear. If you are out and about and need to quickly upgrade it to an evening look, simple add a thick slick of raven black eyeliner and highlight the lips with a bold, bright red. Easy-peasy 🙂