A Taste of Coffee Paradise: Costa Coffee’s Old Paradise Street Limited Edition No. 11

When Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa opened a little coffee shop in London way back in 1971, little did they realize this was the start of a global empire. Fast-forward to present time, and you will be hard-pressed finding a coffee drinker who hasn’t heard of Costa Coffee. The company currently has over 3,000 stores across the globe, 132 of which happen to be spread across the UAE.

Having won a long list of global accolades, the brand continues to hold its position as a market leader in the coffee business by complacently adhering to their stringent quality standards, and enticing true coffee lovers with new, exciting roasts.

I had the pleasure of attending a Costa event last week, and was one of the very first people in the UAE to take a sip of their limited edition Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11.


A Brief Background on Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11

The first in a series of limited-edition roasts, Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11 is exclusively sourced from Kenya, roasted in London and is now available here in Dubai. Quite a global cup of coffee, don’t you think?!

The first in a series of limited-edition roasts, Old Paradise Street #11 is sourced from the western side of the Kirinyaga district of the Mount Kenya mountain in Kenya. Only the rarest and finest 100% Arabic single origin beans have been brought to the UAE via Costa Coffee’s Roastery on Old Paradise Street in London, where they have been slow roasted under the meticulous eye of Costa’s Master Roaster, Gennaro Pelliccia.


What makes Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11 so special?

Old Paradise Street Roast #11 is a unique, one of a kind, single-origin coffee that will be available for a limited time only.

The beans are ground as they are needed, so that the roast stays continuously fresh. The coffee has been specially crafted to bring out citrus undertones with a chocolatey aftertaste. With a subtle burst of honey flavour, the taste is smooth, clean and sweet.

Key Flavour Notes of Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11:

  • The tangy, fresh hit of citrus
  • The full-bodied flavour of dark chocolate
  • A subtle hint of honey

At Costa Coffee, the master roasters have more in store for true coffee connoisseurs. Each Old Paradise Street limited Roast will have its own unique flavour blend and aroma. Now, you can truly get a taste of paradise!


Where can you get a cup of Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11?

Costa Coffee’s Old Paradise Street Roast #11 will be available at Costa Coffee outlets across the UAE from April 5th.

Special Offer! To celebrate this exclusive launch of Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11, on the 11th April from 11am, you can enjoy any coffee of your choice and you can #TasteParadise for only 11AED.


Win a trip to Kenya!

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