We had the majority of the week off for Eid Al Adha, so my friend Avani and I got busy looking up good getaway deals. We were initially envisioning a girlie time away on the exotic Greek islands, or a laidback beach-bum break in the Seychelles. There were great deals going around!

However, after a brief chat with a local travel agent, our laidback holiday plans took a 360 degree turn into something far more action-packed and adventurous! Turns out early August is the best time of year to do a Kenya safari as the migration is happening. Add to it the love for The Lion King, and a trip to Kenya was, as they say, ‘meant to be’.

We booked a 4 night, 5-day package deal with Musafir.com

Are you following me on Instagram? Check out my Kenya Safari highlight! Had a blast over the long Eid weekend in exotic Masai Mara, but more on that later. The very first question to hit me after making my booking with Musafir.com was ‘what are we going to wear?!’

The key to safari fashion is comfort. You will be out all day, mainly seated in a safari jeep and in a climate that changes from hot to cold throughout the day. Here’s my top tips for acing #SafariFashion :

When Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa opened a little coffee shop in London way back in 1971, little did they realize this was the start of a global empire. Fast-forward to present time, and you will be hard-pressed finding a coffee drinker who hasn’t heard of Costa Coffee. The company currently has over 3,000 stores across the globe, 132 of which happen to be spread across the UAE.

Having won a long list of global accolades, the brand continues to hold its position as a market leader in the coffee business by complacently adhering to their stringent quality standards, and enticing true coffee lovers with new, exciting roasts.

I had the pleasure of attending a Costa event last week, and was one of the very first people in the UAE to take a sip of their limited edition Old Paradise Street Roast No. 11.