The Beauty Benefits of Shea Butter

We’ve all heard about Shea Butter. It’s one of those hyped up beauty ingredients that get highlighted on hydrating potions all the time. But what if you could get your hands on raw, natural shea butter all on its own sans any chemical mix-ups?

I got my hands on a jar of this lovely beauty product by Mother Nature from the African stall at Global Village last year, and have been looking for a local supplier ever since. Then I get sent this generously large glass jar from Shea Butter DXB and I am over the moon!

Shea Butter Beauty Benefits and How to Use Includes a Recipe for a Deeply Hydrating Night Cream Dubai Beauty Blogger Natural Organic Beauty (1)

What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter is a naturally occurring ‘butter’ that is derived from the seeds of the Shea tree using a cold-pressed, chemically free process.

Shea Butter is highly concentrated with skin-loving ingredients, and apart from being a very rich, naturally occurring moisturizer, Shea Butter works wonderfully as a natural skin healing agent. It is these healing properties that have given the humble Shea tree the African name ‘Karite’, meaning ‘Tree of Life’.

Pure, organic Shea Butter has a characteristically deep, nutty scent that can take some getting used to. The butter is off-white, almost yellow in colour and needs to be stored in a cool, dry place to prolong shelf life. When Shea Butter gets old and rancid, it has a near-acidic scent, and at this point it would have lost most of its prized healing properties.

Shea Butter Beauty Benefits and How to Use Includes a Recipe for a Deeply Hydrating Night Cream Dubai Beauty Blogger Natural Organic Beauty (2)

Beware of low-quality Shea Butter. Buy from a reputable dealer like Shea Butter DXB to ensure you are getting 100% organic product without any additives.

Point to note: Shea Butter is for external use only, and is not safe for consumption. Also, as Shea Butter is made of shea nut,  people with nut allergies should avoid it at all costs.


Key Ingredients in Shea Butter

  • Vitamin A
  • Cinnamic Acid
  • Oleic, Stearic, Palmitic and Linolenic Acids


The Beauty Benefits of Shea Butter

Deeply Moisturizing: Shea Butter contains a high concentration of oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids. This naturally occurring skin-loving cocktail helps the skin vamp up its natural collagen production. Shea Butter is deeply nourishing, and helps to protect the skin and keep it smooth and supple. Long term use can also aid in delaying the aging process.

Healing Properties: What sets Shea Butter apart from other naturally occurring seed oils is that apart from being deeply moisturizing, the high concentration of nutrients in this butter makes it exceptionally invaluable for its healing properties. Shea Butter has been used to treat a wide range of skin issues ranging from blemishes and wrinkles, sunburn and wounds, to eczema, skin allergies and even insect bites.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Shea Butter contains lupeol cinnamic acid, which has been clinically proven to reduce skin inflammation, and can therefore be the ideal natural moisturizer for people suffering from acne.


12 Ways of Incorporating Shea Butter into Your Beauty Regime

  1. A Natural Moisturizer: Use it on its own as a rich face and body moisturizer.
  2. Baby Safe: It is safe enough to use as a natural moisturizer for babies and young children.
  3. Lip Balm: Works great as a hydrating lip balm.
  4. Cuticle Cream: Does wonders for dry cuticles!
  5. Reduces Scars: Can be used directly on scars to boost collagen production and help make them less visible.
  6. Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Great for pregnancy, and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
  7. After-Sun Cream: Use it as an after-sun cream for ultimate skin hydration.
  8. Eye Cream: Can be used as an under-eye cream to reduce wrinkles and unsightly bags.
  9. Eye-Shadow Primer: Can be used on eyelids as an eye-shadow primer to help the makeup last longer.
  10. Leave-In Conditioner: As a leave-in conditioner for the drier ends of the hair.
  11. Hair Mask: Can be melted and incorporated with other hair-loving ingredients like coconut oil to create a warm, conditioning hair mask.
  12. Beauty Recipes: Shea Butter is used as the base for a plethora of home-made beauty recipes from moisturizers to soaps, and even makeup.


Tezzy’s All-Natural Night Cream Recipe

  • 2 tablespoons Shea Butter
  • 2 tablespoons Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (read about its benefits here)
  • 2-3 drops Tea Tree Oil (read about its benefits here)
  1. Place a heat-proof bowl over a pan of boiling water.
  2. Add Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Allow the mixture to melt, and mix the two together.
  3. Remove from heat, and add the Tea Tree Oil. Mix together.
  4. Allow to cool till it is semi-solid. Whip the cream together till soft and fluffy.

This is a deeply hydrating cream that is best used on normal to dry skin right before going to bed. You only need a little amount per use, and massaging it into the skin is a well-pampered, self-loving treat we all deserve!

The Shea Butter and Coconut Oils are loaded with skin-loving all-natural ingredients, and the Tea Tree Oil acts as an antiseptic to keep the skin clean and clear. For mature skin, you can try replacing the Tea Tree Oil with Frankincense.


Where to Buy 100% Organic Shea Butter in the UAE

Interested in getting your hands on some Shea Butter? Shea Butter DXB imports high-quality 100% organic Shea Butter directly from Africa, and packages it in the UAE.

View their Instagram feed here. For orders, they can be reached via email ( or phone 050 598 2393.

Shea Butter Beauty Benefits and How to Use Includes a Recipe for a Deeply Hydrating Night Cream Dubai Beauty Blogger Natural Organic Beauty (3)