Tezzy’s DIY Multi-Purpose Beauty Balm Recipe (Only 2 Ingredients)

I’m travelling home to New Zealand, and the direct flight from Dubai will take me just over 18 hours in a compressed, air-conditioner thawed plane. This really sets the scene for dry, dehydrated skin. To avoid the all too common ‘jet-lagged’ look, keeping the skin well moisturized, and staying hydrated is key.

I decided to whip up my very own, all-natural, multi-purpose beauty balm for the journey. Why tow along a whole heap of products when you can make do with just one multitasking jar of goodness that you can proudly DIY yourself?

Best of all, this Beauty Balm takes under 10 minutes to create, and you only need 2 easy-to-find ingredients. Read on for the recipe! 

Tezzy’s DIY Multi-Purpose Beauty Balm Recipe


  • 2 heaped tablespoons Shea Butter
  • 2 heaped tablespoons Cocoa Butter


  • Put the Shea Butter in a heat-proof microwavable bowl (I use the 100% organic Shea Butter from Shea Butter DXB). Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (5)
  • Add the Cocoa Butter (I bought the ‘Now Solutions’ brand on Souq.com). Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (7)
  • Cocoa Butter has a harder, grainier texture compared to the creaminess of Shea Butter. You really have to scrape through to get as much Cocoa Butter into that bowl! Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (6)
  • Here’s both butters sitting in the bowl: Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (4)
  • I microwaved the mixture on ‘High’ for 30 seconds at a time. Each time, I removed the bowl and gave the mixture a good whipping.
  • This is how it looked in the first round of whipping: Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (3)
  • I did this microwave-whipping alternation 4 times till the butters started melting into one another as below: Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (2)
  • It gets much easier mixing the two together in this semi-melted state! The whipping gives it a lovely, creamy texture and you can really smell the decadence of cocoa! Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (1)
  • I recycled a Neal’s Yard Remedies jar, and poured the mixture in (these deep blue jars are way too pretty to throw away!). Make your own DIY multi purpose beauty balm  (8)
  • The mixture hardens into a balm-like consistency within 20 minutes or so, and is ready to use!

*You can choose to do this on a double-burner over the stove, but the microwaving method was made for lazy, quick-fix seeking chics like me!

This Balm can be used for:

  • Travel! One product does it all.
  • Works great as a deeply moisturizing face and body moisturizer.hair Perfect for using as a cuticle cream.
  • Use it as a lip balm. It’s pretty wonderful on chapped lips.
  • This goes for any form of chapped skin, be it heels, elbows or even the knees.
  • Can be used as a leave-in hair conditioner for dry, frizzy ends.
  • Works beautifully as an overall makeup remover.
  • For seriously soft, smooth feet, apply a generous amount of this balm on clean feet before bed and wear cotton socks. You will wake up with ultra pretty tootsies!
  • Safe for using on young children.


Benefits of Tezzy’s DIY Multi-Purpose Beauty Balm:

  • Deeply hydrating!
  • Has all the beauty benefits of Shea Butter (read all about it here) and smells like chocolate 🙂
  • Cocoa Butter has long been praised for it skin moisturizing, antioxidant properties, and combining this with the benefits of Shea Butter makes this balm a skin-loving superstar!
  • You’ve made it yourself, from scratch. You know the ingredients are of the highest quality and contains nothing fake or hard to pronounce.
  • It’s super easy (and fast!) to make.
  • Given its all-natural, skin-loving properties, whipping up a batch of this balm is kind on the wallet too!