YHI Spa (Melia Dubai): YHI Synergic Body Therapy Massage Review

Who was Yhi?

In Australian Aboriginal mythology (specifically: Gamilaraay peoples),Yhi is a goddess of light and creation, and a solar deity. She lived in the Dreamtime and slept until a whistle awakened her. When she opened her eyes, light fell on the Earth. She walked the earth and plants grew where she walked. – Wikipedia.

Aptly named after the Aboriginal goddess of rejuvenation and life, YHI is an award-winning spa located on the top floor of Melia Dubai. The spa won the prestigious title of “Best Luxury Emerging Spa” at the World Luxury Spa Awards this year, and I had the pleasure of trying out their YHI Synergic Body Therapy massage this week.

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YHI Spa offers a plethora of treatments ranging from signature facials, body massages, Moroccan & Turkish baths and very soon, group spa treatments that can cater to up to 50 guests (would be ideal for a hen’s night, don’t you think?!).

Upon entering the spa premises, my nostrils were hit with the soothing aroma of an exotic bouquet, a mix of jasmine and lavender that put my mind at ease right away.

YHI Spa is dimly lit, and relies mainly on candlelight to further enhance the serenity factor of the ambiance.

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I met with YHI’s Spa Manager, Ferdinand Taaca who has been the mastermind behind revamping the spa’s menu. With an extensive experience in the spa business including working across some of Asia’s hottest spa properties, Ferdinand has introduced new treatments under the YHI Spa banner, and has hired a team of highly skilled therapists.

Before heading for my massage, I was given a one-page questionnaire to fill. It included disclaimer questions on any allergies I might have, and also went into detail on the outcome I was expecting from my treatment. In my case, after a hectic week of full-time work and blogging, my priority here was to relax and destress.

At YHI Spa, you can also choose the type of music you want playing while having your treatment. From a choice of five rather zen-sounding tracks, I decided to go for the one entitled ‘Dream Time’.

My therapist for the YHI Synergic Body Therapy massage was a lovely lady named Suchita who hails from the land of massages, Thailand! She led me to my candlelit therapy room and showed me the little attached room where I could change out of my clothes and dump my belongings.

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The Asian decor in the room adds to the magical serenity of the ambiance.

In the tiny attached room are all the amenities needed for the massage treatment. You can help yourself to a luxuriously fluffy white Melia Dubai bathrobe and a pair of slippers to match. They also provide a stash of towels and disposable underwear.

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I lay head down on the treatment bed, and my therapist helped me inhale big sniffs of calming lavender. She began her magic with expert strokes down my back which proceeded along my shoulder blades, arms and neck.

I could literally feel the bodily tension melt away, and was halfway into slumber while my legs and feet got kneaded.

The therapist asks if her massage is firm enough, and is happy to adjust to personal preferences.

When I was told to turn over, the therapist placed indulgently warm pillows on my back and under my legs. I felt snug as a pea in a pod!

The massage ends with a good head rub, and the therapist gently whispers time is up. I would have gladly bundled up on that bed and had a few hours snooze. Alas! It was time to change back into my clothes.

You can opt to have a shower after the treatment. Unfortunately the one in my room was out of order, and I was feeling too lazy to go into one of the common shower cubicles outside the treatment area. Furthermore, I was rather enjoying the scent of the sweet lavender-based oil my body had been massaged with.

My therapist asked if I would like some tea after the treatment, and I gladly agreed hoping to extend my time in this peaceful space. However, tea is served in a common ladies’ room. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have had it on that bed instead?

I was lucky to have the common room to myself. Set up to look like a cozy nook of an exotic Asian house, I nested myself on a comfy sofa and leisurely flicked through the reading material on display.

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YHI Spa has a number of teas on offer, and I decided to have the YHI Organic Ginger Tea.

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The Signature Tea is a freshly made brew of ginger, honey and lemon. This deliciously sweet tea has the characteristic kick of ginger, and bits of lemon pip floating around. Each sip was so delicious, that I drank it hungrily to the last sip and debated if I should shamelessly ask for a second pot. I decided to be ladylike, and wait for my next visit 🙂

I left YHI Spa with a new-found skip to my step. Amazing how all that bodily stress can build up without you realizing! I am turning into a believer of a regular massage regime as it can definitely do wonders to overall well-being.

The YHI Synergic Body Therapy Massage is a must-try for soothing a tired body and rediscovering inner peace. A 60 minute session costs AED 450, and you can also opt for 90 minutes for AED 550.

Apart from an extensive list of spa offerings, you can also buy Natura Bisse skincare products at YHI. They are also the stockists of the Natus Marrakech brand which comes from Morocco and specializes in Moroccan beauty regimes including pure argan oil and Hamam products.

For bookings or more information on YHI Spa, visit their website. The spa is located in Melia hotel (Bur Dubai, Dubai).