Suhoor Smoothie: Avocado & Date Shake!

With under a week to go for Eid, the festive ending to the month-long fasting on the Muslim calendar, I for one am really going to miss Ramadan.

There’s something magical about this holy month. Apart from the shorter work hours, the piety and communal eating through Iftars, the late night prayers and the Suhoor meal, make for a month out of the ordinary. I hope you all have been having a blessed month.avocado date linseed shake recipe vegan paleo 1

Last night, I created yet another smoothie for Suhoor (my last one was a Blueberry Smoothie). This one is a healthful blend of avocado and dates. It’s highly nutritious, thick and super-easy to make.

But wait, is this a smoothie or a shake? It’s one of those ‘same but not the same’ juxtapositions. It reminds me of the comparison of alligators and crocodiles.

How do you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

An alligator says ‘See you later alligator’, and a crocodile says ‘In a while crocodile’!

When it comes to smoothies and shakes, I think smoothies usually don’t have milk in them, and shakes do (therefore we say ‘milkshakes’!). But this is my logic. I’ve seen smoothie recipes online that also call for milk. Do let me know if you figure this one out!

Coming back to my avocado and date smoothie/shake recipe, I’ve used almond milk as the base.

avocado dates

I’ve added linseed for good old omega-3, and its all sweetened up with generous drizzles of honey.

linseed ground omega 3

Here’s the super-easy recipe for my Avocado and Date Shake (or smoothie if you please!):

avocado date linseed shake recipe vegan paleo