Do you suffer from an incurable sweet-tooth and and always find yourself reaching out for a handful of naughty treats? I have a super quick and easy recipe for you… and its not even close to being naughty!

All you need is dates and coconut, and stored in an airtight container in the fridge, these little treats will last over a month (unless you gobble them up beforehand ofcourse!). Best of all this recipe is gluten-free, made of all-natural ingredients, and is high in fiber. You get the jazz… super healthy, super quick without the hefty price tag to boot!



The Bateel brand is one of the Middle East’s greatest marketing success stories. Pioneering in revamping the humble date into a gourmet treat, Bateel extended into cafe culture with Cafe Bateel. It’s newest outlet on The Walk, JBR goes beyond the cafe experience, and offers a full fledged three-course menu.

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The restaurant looks like a giant Arabesque-styled gift box, and the bright lighting and spacious interiors is very invitingly stylish. The newest branch at The Walk, JBR is the first of its kind to have all three Bateel concepts under one roof: the Bateel gourmet dates counter, the Bateel Bakery stocking freshly baked breads, decadent sweet treats and coffees, and the newly revamped Cafe Bateel section that offers a full fledged dining menu (and no, not everything on the menu has dates in it!).

With under a week to go for Eid, the festive ending to the month-long fasting on the Muslim calendar, I for one am really going to miss Ramadan.

There’s something magical about this holy month. Apart from the shorter work hours, the piety and communal eating through Iftars, the late night prayers and the Suhoor meal, make for a month out of the ordinary. I hope you all have been having a blessed month.avocado date linseed shake recipe vegan paleo 1

Last night, I created yet another smoothie for Suhoor (my last one was a Blueberry Smoothie). This one is a healthful blend of avocado and dates. It’s highly nutritious, thick and super-easy to make.

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims the world over, will commence around the 18th of June this year. During this entire month, Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. This fast is observed for spiritual growth, to increase empathy for the less fortunate, to celebrate the divinity of the Almighty, and to cleanse impurities of both the body and mind.

The association of dates with Ramadan is significant from both a religious and a health point of view. Today’s post explores the significance of dates in Islam. We look at a collection of Hadiths (verified quotes by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ) and put it side by side with the scientific the know-how of today.

hadith in dates there is a cure